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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawngator, Dec 21, 1999.

  1. lawngator

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    Hey folks,<br>On the previous forum, we started a thread on tire sealant. I'm still looking for something besides Slime. I don't really like the idea of having them foam filled. It sounds like it makes them to hard. Anybody out there know of other products that have worked. Thanks, Bill
  2. Eric ELM

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    I use Dawn liquid dish soap around the tire bead when I put the front tires on the rim. It makes it easier to get the tire on the rim and also seems to seal the bead to the rim. I also run about 25 to 30 pounds of air in the front to help hold the seal. I haven't had a flat tire in the past two seasons. Give this idea a try.<p><p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/index.html<br>
  3. mowerparts

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    I have used Slime and that's all it was. I now use a tire sealer made by Stens. I have it in my mowers, trailer and truck tires. It works pretty well. <br>Go to my profile, there you will find a link to my site.<br>
  4. weve

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    My latest Dixie Chopper came with tire sealant from the factory. Both front and rear tires kept their pressure much better than without it. I believe the sealant is called AmerSeal. It is made by American Sealants in Clay Center, Kansas. I knocked a front tire off the bead this year and the sealant wiped up with a paper towel or rag.It is water soluble. I buy it from my local Dixie Chopper dealer.<p>----------<br>Larry<br>
  5. greg

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    I go to the local tractor store and buy the tire sealer uses by farmers. It runs like $20/ gal and works very well. <p>might give it a try<p><p>----------<br>Greg <br>Manicured Lawns of Springfield
  6. LawnMonkeySoftware

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    When we were at the trade show in Baltimore this November, we had a booth right beside &quot;multi-seal&quot;. They had crowds of people watching demonstrations and videos. Their biggest selling point is that it is used by the army.<p>You might want to give them a shot. Try their web site at http://www.multi-seal.com/<p><p>----------<br>Lawn Monkey Software<br>www.lawnmonkey.com<br>
  7. Lazer

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    Foam-filled tires can be filled at a lower pressure, but they may still be firmer than you desire. We foam-fill all our turf tires. They last longer, never cut unevenly due to pressure drop and never have any downtime. I wouldn't ever run a mower without foam filling all the tires.
  8. Jimbo

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    Where do you get the foam and how is it installed? I tought you had to buy complete new tires with foam already installed.


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