Tire Shortage

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HydroGearHead, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. HydroGearHead

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    I was at my dealer on Monday and the owner told me Carisle tires factory burned down and this has caused a shortage of tires in the lawn mower industry. Anyone else hear this? I noticed his tires shelves were basically empty and this is a dealer that seriously had TONS f tires in stock all sizes all of time.

    MS_SURVEYOR LawnSite Bronze Member
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  3. HydroGearHead

    HydroGearHead LawnSite Member
    from florida
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    I heard they are getting tires from China now. My dealer seriously always has TONS in stock but his shelves are bare and he said he's had tires on order over 2 months. He had only 2 24X12X12 tires left so I bought both just to have as spares!
  4. Smithco Lawncare

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    What are we going to do??? No more carlisle?????
  5. dgfitz

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    A blight has infested the rubber tree plantations in Asia, crimping the
    world market, and Carlisle got a double whammy by having one its
    largest manufacturing facilities burn down.
  6. topsites

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    Somehow this is just sounding all too familiar...

    If I had to guess, this means they're raising the price, but what do I know?
  7. Richard Martin

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    If you want Chinese tires you'd better get them now. Obama's talking about slapping a 40% tariff on them.

    I get a lot of my tires here -->> www.cedarrapidstire.com
  8. Nosmo

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    That fire happened last November - 2008. Looks like Carlisle would step up production in their other plants.

    If there is truly a shortage looks like the competition would begin supplying the demand for replacement mower tires. I haven't been out window shopping for new mowers but since reading this thread I wonder which brand of tires is on most of the new mowers ?

  9. ed2hess

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    That is just exactly what I was thinking.....used to see a lot of China tires on mowers but Carlisle seemed to get the majority across the last few years. Our prez really is helping the middle class..
  10. Littleriver1

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    Ya think? Looks like the only one he's helping is himself, to our money.

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