Tired of all the drunks

Discussion in 'Employment' started by rclawn, May 27, 2018.

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    I was thinking the same thing, I have to paint a foyer tomorrow and both of us are in aa....lol
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    I ran a painting business for 30 years. Will be sober 14 years on June 1.
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    So far my guys are some what scared shitless of me and I guess that has worked to my advantage. None want to get fired they all need their jobs and have bills/rent to pay. Most of them have hobbies like working on trucks or cars and want to work overtime to get the money for parts. That kind of works to my advantage. I've noticed every year that goes by that they drink less on the weekends because they are tired of coming in hungover.
  4. Greencuts518

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    But I worked with another landscape crew and all 4 were in aa...
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    Yeah I had a friend that had a roofing business and he landed some big account making big bucks with some contractor. He had everything down and working great, but it was such fast pace that he depended on his workers. About half of them started laying out because of drugs and drinking, and the contractor fired my friend on the spot because he couldn't keep up with the pace. These people we depend on can ruin us. This employee thing is such a raw spot for so many of us. I just can't afford to pay $20 per hour for full time crew leaders, and insurance and benefits. Just can't, not when all these low ballers are out there in their new diesels undercutting prices, and cheap people want all this top shelf quality service at cheap beer prices.

    It's hard to find people in good jobs that are not on drugs. Basically we get the ones that are fired from other jobs lol...Or lose their license, or have no motivation, but still want some money for their habits. Just is what it is. I would love to have a good employee that could support a family with what I can pay, but really mowing just isn't profitable enough. If I can pick up more irrigation jobs, landscape installs, etc, my profit would be so that I could pay a more skilled guy a good salary.
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    I’ve already had two text me that they were “sick” this evening and don’t know if they can make it tomorrow. After a 3 day weekend, go figure. Lol.
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    The community at large has decided $15 an hour is a living wage
    It’s regularly repeated
    I’ll go ahead and assume there’s some research behind that assertion (otherwise why not demand 18 or 20?)

    $15/hr should be enough to support and attract an “average” American worker

    Now if he’s got a smoking, drinking or drug habit... it’s not enough
    Which I’m convinced the average American does have one or more of those habits
    But he doesn’t need them to live/survive or modestly afford a place to rent and a small used car.

    Also factor in the significant other making at least $10/hr and it’s doable

    Can you afford drinking every weekend and a pack a day party lifestyle of $15/hr?

    But you don’t want to hire that guy anyway
  8. TPendagast

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    I feel sick myself
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    You just nailed it right there
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  10. TPendagast

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    I interviewed a guy the other day

    His resume basically said he’s a mechanic
    Made between $18-22/hr

    I asked him why he applied for this job (landscaping)
    He said he liked to work outdoors
    I asked why he didn’t work at his old job anymore
    He said some weird BS that there was a problem with the building
    So the entire company employing you just “disappeared?”
    Yes he says

    I asked him why he didn’t just get another job as a mechanic since that looks like his profession, it’s highly compensated and in Alaska the job is in high demand?

    I can’t remember his exact answer but it was full of ummm errrr ahhhhh and excuses

    I told him I didn’t have a job for him at that pay rate (18-22)
    That the best I could offer him was 12-14 an hour as a non skilled laborer probably starting out in mowing.
    He retorted he wasn’t unskilled
    He has years experience as a mechanic
    (Face palm , we covered this)
    I told him I’m not hiring a mechanic, we have all we need, we have open landscaping jobs.

    He said don’t you have any higher paying positions?
    Yes I do
    But you do not qualify for them

    Well what do they pay?
    I said 18-22 an hour
    He says ok I’ll do that
    (Face palm)

    Those guys are professional landscapers that have been doing this for 5-10 years , in some cases longer.
    You have zero years of experience

    No I have 8 years as a mechanic he says

    Really I think this guy was high he kept talking in circles

    I told him I didn’t have a position for him and he should go Apply to be a mechanic somewhere.

    He left all angry saying “maybe some day I’ll be as good at mowing as you!”


    I should just give this guy $18 or more an hour because he showed up
    Seriously that was his opinion.

    I was once paid $45,000 a year in the military with free housing, food and utilities
    Now I want a job at McDonald’s and I expect the same compensation!

    Or you know if you need me to do more for that pay just give me a job I’m not remotely qualified for.
    CEO will work

    (Ironically I get this behavior from military etsing all the time, in truth)
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