Tired of all the drunks

Discussion in 'Employment' started by rclawn, May 27, 2018.


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    Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Let’s be honest, the youth/generation now a days lacks in the labor force so to say, there are a few select guys who don’t fall into that category, most of us on here. All I hear about is how millennials are horrible etc, yes I totally agree, but I’m ONE of them. I can’t hire my buddies bc they get all sissy on me. Talk the walk, then I’ll be like ok I got this to do, should take this long I’ll pay you well $15+, let’s just bang it out.. well I got this to do, and I’m mad at this person, I can’t be away from my game system or laptop, never again. Much respect to the fellas who can have their friends or a good work force in place, please share
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    I lost a high end job due 3 summers ago due to someone of the same, customer seen him screwing up, cost me a lot, lesson learned from both sides
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    Congratulations, i celebrated 3 years on may,2......ran a painting business for 15 years....painters are all drunks or in recovery.
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    Thank you, and congratulations. 3 years is big.

    re: painters are all drunks or in recovery. I was sitting in my regular bar one afternoon, and the older couple across the bar from me looked at me and said "why are all painters alcoholics?" So I had company shirts made up that read "It's the Fumes".

    Always wanted someone to ask me that question again, so I could look at them with a blank expression, and slowly point to my shirt. Unfortunately it never happened again.

    I still have one of them. I should break it out.

    thanks again, and keep up the good work.
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    You are the man. I appreciate all the feedback you've given over the years..

    I got out of maintenance. We are fully install..

    But you helped me thru a few speed bumps. So thank you my friend
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    A big red flag for any suspected addicts is when they want to know how soon they will get paid..or even worse is when they want some of they're pay early for "gas money".
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    I’ve been doing this nearly 20 years... I’ve been with the same employer 11 years.. another guy has been there 14 years.. we are out there.. keep looking!
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    I’ve never had much success hieing my friends. They don’t take it seriously and always have other stuff to do before they come work. Not to mention most of them have half the work ethic I do and if they have $20 in their pocket they won’t work.
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    Or fines...my current employee and former employee have done the same thing.
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    Everything in moderation, it took me awhile to learn that. You can be alcoholic and only drink once a month, if you can't control your drinking and you get hammered, your'e an alcoholic.

    I personally let loose only when I know it's ok too, no jobs, nowhere to go or be, and surrounded by friends. I drink a couple times a month but would be considered an alcoholic because typically when I do drink, I'm having a 6 pack or more. That being said, I've no problem having a beer at dinner or after a long days work, it's 1 or 2, not 10.

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