Tired of all the drunks

Discussion in 'Employment' started by rclawn, May 27, 2018.

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    Beer is good bro
  2. danothemano

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    Realistically I would think if you are hiring help in the lawn biz, your help will have some sort of vice, that type of help really falls under 'general labor', really what you will find is a warm body willing to do the work, some sort quirk will come with the package, get to know the help, and understand it's likely that there will be some vice that comes with the package that makes them willing to do lawn care on an hourly wage
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    A really important point is lost in this thread:

    Drunk employees pose a safety risk to themselves, co-workers, customers and others, particularly when they are around mechanical equipment.

    Whether you care about an employee losing a foot or not is a moot point - you will care about the resulting lawsuit.

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    When a helper drinks too much the night before, and you can smell it emitting from them, and potentially a customer is my issue. Along with poor work ethic. I don’t care what you do until it starts effecting my business. Recently dealt with this. So it’s not so much drinking on the job, as it is over consumption.

    I like to drink and have a good time... After the job is done and weekends etc.
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    OP....fire all of them and put your boot in their butt on the way out.
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    That's the only thing that's going to change things here. My Dad tried to help a alcoholic a few years ago had him over for dinner every night, got him a job and took him to church every Sunday. He threw it all away for a few beers.
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    Few beers an hour
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    Sadly one of the smartest hardest workers I've ever worked with is a drunk mess. It's frustrating to see someone who could literally be doing anything they want from building houses to restoring cars working for a half assed construction company because it allows them to get away with showing up hung over and they can sneak bud heavies during the work day... Frustrating to see that talent waste away
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