Tired of grassy legs !

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bunton Guy, May 31, 2002.

  1. Bunton Guy

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    Even though things are drying up around here and not a heck of alot to trim...back in early spring when things were growing a mile a minute just like years in the past everytime I would string trim I would get my legs covered in grass clipping and wearing jeans is not a option in 90+ degree with 95% humidity weather ! I usually use a Husky 225L trimmer with the deflecter in place. Is it humanly possible to walk off a property wihtout half a bushel of grass clinging to your leg hair ? I have tried standing to the left of the cutting line to the right....striaght behind it and it dosent matter when those clippings are flying around they are flying ! I see some guys trimming in kacki dockers pants and they dont even have a speck of green grass on there pants...great image but how do they do it ?
  2. Toatlandscape

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    You are taking a huge gamble not wearing long pants while working. The first time you get hold of a rock or hard piece of mulch and it puts you out of work for 2-3 days you will never leave the house without some protection. It has happened to me ,fortunately for me it was during the slow time and it didn't cost me much except large quantities of PAIN. The discomfort of pants will go away in a few days. Your wife should be a little happier if you are not tracking grass all over the house. Every manufacturer of edgers and trimmers recommends long pants for a reason. You will also appear much more professional.

    Good Luck
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    I got a pair of "safe legs" they are like chaps that strap-on with velcro.They are a god sent.I tried to find a web site for you but failed you can however call the snapper dealer that i got mine from an i'm sure they will send you a pair.they were like 35.00 but i've been useing mine for 2yrs now an they have held up great.The # is 423-266-4176.Ask for shiela an tell her Lee thornhill had told you about them.or you might e-mail them http://www.chattanooga.net/stovall/
  4. TLS

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    Afraid of a little Boo-Boo are ya? I've had blood running down my legs many times before from sticks and stones, and never been unable to finish the day! I get pretty good stings WITH pants on as well!

    The only thing pants will do is prevent poision ivy!

    Nothing like taking off your boots at night while still dirty, and it looks like you have a pair of white socks on!! :D
  5. A1 Lawn@Landscapes

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    [ Nothing like taking off your boots at night while still dirty, and it looks like you have a pair of white socks on!! :D [/B][/QUOTE]

    ....and the ankle tan line that goes along with it !
  6. TLS

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    Chicks at the Beach Dig it!!!! :D
  7. ADMowing

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    Yaaaayyyy! The Farmer's Tan!!!

    Love it!!

    Been weedeating in shorts in Florida -- for six years. Got stung a few times, but sling stuff opposite of me if at all possible. That helps me out a lot.

    The worst thing for us is a nice big fire ant hill -- especially if you don't realize that you are standing on it until it is too late. That happened to us once or twice before we learned to look -- ALL the time.

    Husband wears long pants. Fire ants go up the inside of his pants and he is in TROUBLE. It is easier to get them off my socks and a few off my ankle before they get any further! Need I say more??

    But... he hates the Echo professional trimmer that I use and stuff flies back at him all the time with his backwards Craftsman homeowner's model. Never been able to "train" him to use the professional one. I think that is the biggest reason he wears long pants. Don't tell him I was talking about him!!! ;)

    We DO wear matching shirts -- so I think not only do we look professional, we work that way too! Lady just told me the other day that her and her neighbors look forward to seeing us every Thursday. We joke around a lot and mess with each other. Its like a comedy act out there sometimes. Guess you have to get that way to maintain your sanity. The customers love to see it and laugh at us. Work is professional and safe, though. But we do joke around.

    We just accept the grass on the legs as part of the job. I'm the one who vacuums the carpet and don't care if we get grass on it. It's all in a day's work, I guess.

    I DO ramble! Husband tells me I'm writing a novel!! :D :D
  8. coonman

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    I wear shorts as well. Summers here get to 100 plus with plenty of humidity. Most my time is spent mowing, just a few minutes a lawn are spent trimming. All this talk about looking professional is reaching a little. Most of my customers are not home when I am mowing anyway. I also have plenty of people walk up to me and ask me about mowing their lawn across the street. Its hard to look too good when you are dripping with sweat and have grass and dirt all over you. People want you to mow their lawn, I have never had any of them talk about my attire.

  9. mdb landscaping

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    I think it makes you look like you are earning the money in my opinion. I too wear shorts, and take a fair share of stings to the legs, but i couldnt stand working in pants all day, i think id pass out from the hot summer heat(And im in CT). i cant imagine working in pants in FL.
  10. TJLC

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    I tried wearing shorts before. Call me a wimp, too much grass and blood. Now I wear lightweight work pants and matching shirts. They are very comfortable and sure save my legs. I guess if all I did was mow, then I would probally opt for shorts.

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