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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turftammer, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. turftammer

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    several times in the last week I've been giving quotes and when I give them a price they say do you do the edging too. duh! I usually want to ask them do you use soap when you shower. I always thought edging was part of mowing. then again maybe the next time I get asked after I give them a quote for mow/edge/blow I'll say no thats an extra $5. If I got takers on that extra $5 from everybody that asks that question that could really add up.
  2. andygold

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    I not in the lawn care business...my lawn care "professional" mows, string trims, and sometimes blows. Edging is not something he offers. If I don't get a new mower this year, I plan on switching to a different service, and one of the questions I will definitely be asking, is if he/she edges.
  3. Mo Green

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    Lighten up. You are in the business and they are not. Do you know all of the procedures involved with servicing you heating and A/C system? You might find youself asking these same types of questions.
  4. dvmcmrhp52

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    First, you should be explaining the difference between edging and trimming.
    Second,Is it edging they are actually looking for? Not every body includes edging in a weekly cut.
    Third, every customer wants to ask some sort of question so as not to appear to be completely out of the loop.
  5. spoolinaround

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    I usually banter something like this:
    "Well we can maintain yor lawn for $xxx.xxx per visit and that equals $xxxx.xx per month, that price includes Mowing, bagging of clippings, trimming, edging and blowing. Any questions?"
  6. captken

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    I will not drop my gate for under $50 dollars. That
  7. sheshovel

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    I totaly agree with this post very correct in thinking and attitude,
  8. sheshovel

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    I also agree with this method of speaking to clients,If you make it all perfectly clear to them...They wont have to ask you. :cool2:
  9. Precision

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    "my basic service is mow the grass, edge the beds and sidewalks and drive, weedeat where needed, and blow off all hard surfaces." That usually covers it. I go over that while reviewing the contract. It is also written there for those who are voice comprehension challenged.
  10. Tvov

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    I take it that you guys are talking about using the string trimmers to "edge", and not using a bladed power edger? Some customers are probably thinking about the bladed power edging (or using hand shovels) when they say "edge the beds", you should clarify with them what exactly they mean and want.

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