tired of heavy commercial ztr rutting my lawns.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mobileboy, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. mobileboy

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    I'm thinking about selling my heavy ztr and using the $ to purchase a lighter garden tractor. Maybe a used john deere x series? Before i got 'serious' and purchased my commercial ztr, I cut with a POS Murray 17 hp 42 inch lawn tractor. Funny thing is, after several months of cutting the same accounts, the ruts and soil compaction that are a biproduct oif my ztr's 1300 lbs (with me on it) have ruined the look of a few lawns. This was never a problem with the light weight murray.

    I'm thinking about selling the ztr because I only cut a handfull of accounts and quality is more important to me than all out speed. I love the performance and cut of my ztr, but wish it weighed about 400 lbs less! Any one have any experience with higher quality garden tractors such as the john deere x series? Any recommendations on durable tractors would be helpful. Thanks.:usflag:
  2. billslawn89

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    you don't mow in the same pattern each time, do ya? you have to switch mowing directions and you shouldn't have that problem.
  3. Icepuck72

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    Walk Behinds are half that weight.
  4. nobagger

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    I have the same problem on a few lawns myself. If it weren't for the bagging capacity of the Z's I would have 2 walk behinds. My problems are the edges where we make one or two passes around the property before we start doing any pattern.
  5. mobileboy

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    I try to mix it up, but around landscape edging and street curbs is where I notice it most. I think the clay soils around here are are big factor; when they get compacted, it becomes very hard on the grass.

    I noticed that some of the nicer garden tractors are only 600-800 pounds even with 48+ inch decks. I am VERY easy on equipment and am religious about routine maint, so I get alot of mileage out of my machines. Not really worried about durabilty of the lighter frame tractors versus my 7 gauge commercial z. Never put a ding in the 900 dollar chinese murray.
  6. MileHigh

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    I think you need yourself a good walk-behind with a sulky.

    My 48" Exmark TTHP weights about 650# and I strongly believe would out cut your tractor.
  7. nobagger

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    Dido...I would rather spend 6k on a mower that could last 6,7,8,9 or more years then spend 3-4k on something that might last 5 years if that.
  8. slamjamrockinman

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    ditto what they said. Get a good hydro walk behind and your issue will be solved. Plus it will probably be more efficient on some of your smaller accounts.
  9. gravedigger5

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    I was having the same problem this season because of having record rainfall in the St Louis area this year. I have a 36" wb with a flex deck but it just can't keep up with my 5' Z's on medium size or bigger yards unless there was a lot of trim work. so I just bought a 61" Ferris wb and put a pro slide on it. I have had it a few weeks. Its lighter than my z's and tracks a little different so it does not even fall into some of the z's old ruts while the perimiter of the properties. I have even shaved a few minutes off some of these yards over the z's cause I could not run the z's wide open and the wb will trim out the yard a little better and can turn faster than the z while doing less damage with the tires. As far as a tractor, tooo sloow. Time is money or more free time. Marc
  10. LawnMowerKing10

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    What brand of ztr?

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