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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by 94gt331, Jul 31, 2011.

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    whats up first thread on this site, im mostly on lawnsite but i wanted this thread here because it's a landscape site. I started out mowing grass and of course that got me into mulching trimming and into landscape installs and over the last 3 years ive had 2 guys mowing the yards while myself and 1 guy do all the landscaping. I think mowing is a decent living when you do it by yourself or with 1 guy. But over the last 3 years my landscaping buisiness has got so busy that i think i'm actually hurting myself trying to do the mowing. To have 2 guys mowing it costs myself a good chunk of money everyday to mow so they have to really hustle to make myself money. I have so much work landscaping i think i can make more money just landscaping. Even having the extra 2 guys help me get more landscaping jobs in seems to make more sense to me. Some people will tell me not to get rid of the mowing work because sometimes the landscaping side slows down, but honestly i have to turn landscaping leads down all the time which kills me. because the profit margin for me in landscape is so much higher than the lawn buisness, so i don't think i will ever run out of work and even if i do i will go out and find it.. My question to u guys is did anyone else make this decision and are they happy with that. I think i will finish mowing this year and make the transition next spring to a 100% landscape company next year. Thanks and please let me know what you think.:usflag:
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    If your market will bear it, then go for it.

    Mowing is getting tough to make a profit on anymore, or at least make any real money at it. When I started my biz I focused on the landscaping and landscape maintenance.

    I wouldn't necessarily give up the mowing completely though, That bit of steady income helps me when I have a short month landscaping wise. I only have 5 yards that I do once a week. So maybe having a small, one day a week profitable route would be the way to go. It would definitively help you transition away from the mowing side of your biz over time.

    Another way around the steady income is to do landscape maintenance and have clients that you just take care of the landscaping once every few weeks or so.

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    I find most of my landscaping work comes from my "cut" customers so I would not give them up but if your business is coming from elsewhere then maybe give up some until you are 100% sure.

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