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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Mack77, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Hello All,

    I have a Walker Mower and the double tail wheel tires keep coming loose. I fill them up with air and the next morning they'll be flat and loose from the rims. There seems to be no bends and the valves seem to be tight. Is there anything else I can do to perhaps "Seal" the rubber to the metal rim?

  2. Happy Frog

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    You should apply a compound where the tire touches the rim (can't remember what it is called)
  3. madmower

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    go to a tyre center and get some rimtite put this around the rim and re inflate the tyres you should get a good seal

    hope this helps if not remove the tyres clean the rims then try the rintite we use this from mowers to diggers with no problem
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    You might want to try and inflate it as high as the psi sidewall rating allows, then slowly spray the tire with some Windex (any window cleaner is good) as you slowly rotate it and get it nice and wet as you look for bubbles. If it's loosing air over night I think the leak is big enough it should become evident, so I would think finding and fixing the leak would be a first step, but if that doesn't work... If the tread is still in good shape and you've got plenty of life left in them, this situation might be the dire type of thing well suited for some slime. I wouldn't do this otherwise, but when it gets to losing air every day...

    Try and find the leak first thou, and yes do spray the valve too, all around.
    I'd be willing to bet they've got a slow leak you don't see right away, like the kind you'd get from running over thorns (not saying you did, but thorns give you that kind of leak). Window cleaner works real good because even slow leaks make the stuff bubble up.

    Might just be you're not inflating them enough, or maybe your yard has them "flat your tire" gremlins running around at night :laugh:
    Seriously thou, make sure you're not bumping them into curbs too hard also.
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    Foam Fill Them Things! you won't regret it

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