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    PJ or other readers:

    I have a new Super Z and I am mowing several slopes, and the unit works great as long as the grass and ground is fairly dry. Once the turf master tires fill with mud, the machine is pretty helpless on the hills. I am thinking that there could be some advantage to going to a different tire on the machine, however I do not want to put something on it that would cause excessive wear to the hydro system. According to the Hustler web site the ATZ machine is running slightly different wheel motors and Carlisle AT 101 ATV bar tread tires with the same BPD21 Hydro-Gear hydrostats. The wheels on both the ATZ and Super Z are the same size, but would it hurt to try these Carlisle AT 101's on a Super Z, or are there any other tires that people use on the Super Z? Hustler did a fantastic job building a top quality machine, however for this specific application I am looking for a way to improve traction in wetter environments. I realize that there are other possible issues to deal with such as tearing turf, etc.

    Thank You
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    They will work fine.
    But.... wet conditions and slopes don't mix, think very hard before doing this, you have to be careful.
    I wouldn't mow slopes if they have any moisture at all on them.
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    I have AT101's on my 05 SZ and while they do help a lot, if its damp or wet and the slope is steep, they to will break traction like anything else. Depends on the slope and and undulations, obstacles etc. They also tend to tear the turf more but you get used to them so there not that bad.
    I dont know of much else out there that are any better. I wouldnt go back to Turf Savers now. Give them a go!
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    PJ, many times the slopes are pretty dry, however when I pass through the areas that are a touch tacky (at the bottom of the hills) the tires fill up with mud and you lose the traction to go back up the dryer hills. I would prefer to go to a tire such as the Carlisle Stryker that has both some nobbies on the sides and the bar tread in the middle, however they are not made in the proper size.

    Is there anyone else out there using other tires? If so please share what you have had success with.

    Thank You


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