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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Cowking01, Jan 30, 2001.

  1. Cowking01

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    Hey guys, this is my first time on the Lawnsite. I'm looking for some advice about new tires for my 1997 Chevy X-cab Z71. Right now I have LT 265/75 R16 Cooper Tires. The front passenger tire is deteriating and Im looking into getting bigger/better tires. I would like to get some 33"s and something a little bit more wide and Im hope to get either BFGoodrich Muds or Allterrains. The tires I have now are way to skinny. But my problem is the width. I have standard Chevy rims that come with the z71/silverado package and i like them alot. I really dont want to have to shell out another 500 bucks for new rims. So i guess what im asking is how big of a tire can i get with out replacing my rims. They are 16r, but everything i see in the 33X12.50 and 35X12.50 are for 16.5r. If you have any knowlege or expertise in this area, please feel free to email me at, Thank you.
  2. Mac

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    Go For The BFG All-Terrain, but not if you do a lot of highway driving.
  3. SlimJim Z71

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    My personal opinion on bigger tires with stock rims is "they look funny."

    I currently have 265/75-16 BFG Mud Terrians on my '96 Z71. They look NICE! They look a lot wider than the stock tires, but they don't look "too big" for the wheel. My only complaint with them is they're not real good in the snow. They tend to plug up a little, sacrificing traction.

    Just my $0.02

  4. wyldman

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    BFG AT's and MT's are available in a 28575R16 which is equivalent to a 33X12.5,and they will fit on most stock rims.They will actaully look bigger as the sidewalls bulge more on a narrow rim.I run the 285/75/R16 M/T's on 16X7 aluminum alcoa's and they work nice.Nice 3300 Lbs load capacity per tire,great in the snow,but so-so on ice.Anything bigger than that,i think you'd have to list the truck for clearance.
  5. MTCK

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    I'd go with the LT 285 75R16 in your case. These are about 33 inches tall, but only about 10.5 inches wide (28.5 cm) and they'll fit on your stock wheels, and won't rub on your rig. I've known people who run this size on that style of truck with no problems. Any bigger and you're gunna be rubbing on your fenders a lot, plus they'll probably look pretty goofy on your stock wheels. Or get a lift, and go bigger. I know BFG is starting to make a lot more large metric sizes for 16 inch wheels. I've had mud terrains and all terrains, and I'd stick with the mud. They're not much louder on the street, and work a LOT better off road. Not just in mud, but over all. Good luck.
  6. captdevo

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    i have 285x75x16 on my 2000 Z71 x-cab, they are stout!!!

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