Tires for your feet....good set of work shoes

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by gmlm, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. lawnprosteveo

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    Bought Red Wings last January. By June the sole was shot. $175 down the tubes. And they couldn't be re soles. My $85 Timberland Pros last about 2 yrs
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  2. NewOrleans21

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    Timberland Pro for me as well
  3. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    My favorite also. On my second pair. The first pair lasted 2 years and had plenty of sole left just started leaking water.
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  4. OntheRock

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    My Belleville combat boots are amazing they have been worn for the past 4 months non stop here in South Florida where the season is from January to December. Make sure you get some good insoles for your comfort they have great deals at Sports Authority/ Dicks Sporting goods/ and all other shoe stores. Best of wishes to all this New Year!
    God bless
  5. Hope Landscaping

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    Same with Justin... That's what I use. Made in China though. I didn't realize it until later. They are water proof, steel toe and comfortable. A link:
  6. BrunoT

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    Yep! I wore Merrill's for a few years on the advice of others. Plantar Fasciitis bigtime, along with something called "predislocation syndrome" where the bottom structure of your foot literally starts to fall apart and the 2nd toe will start to drop through it. Almost crippled me. They feel ok when you wear them, but I never had the problem till I wore them. Switched back to my old kind and the feet are getting better already. I have an extra pair I bought I'm gonna put on Ebay soon. The Merrill's just don't have the insole for tons of walking, I guess. (8 mi/day on average). Mine did last fine, though.

    As for the Danners...46 oz. Oofah! I need to do some squat work before I wear boots that heavy.
  7. Valk

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    I envy you all that can wear a pair of boots for a year or this surely saves $$$. For me, considering all the brands/types of footwear I've tried over the years...I NEVER get more than 3 months of use out of them before I begin to 'feel the need' for a new pair. Could be a foot pain or knee or hip or lowback...but when I begin to feel it, it is quickly remedied by a new pair of mowing shoes.

    Operating a WB as a solo, I put a premium on comfort...especially in morning dew and the Summer heat. I prefer a midtop hiking boot for protection and stability. Too many work-type boots don't have an aggressive enough tread to deal with slopes and rough terrain, particularly when it's wet. Running shoes, unless an off-road type, are made for smooth/hard surfaces.

    My choice: Vasque is owned by Redwing. These use Goretex XCR (Extended Comfort Range) which breathes well in the heat...making use of the mesh uppers. They also come in wide sizes.

    Whatever shoe/boot you choose, find your size, then order online to save $$. I consistently find the above for <$120 shipped to my front door.

    My feet do not ache at the end of the day nor in the mornings. Can one put a price on this?
  8. dvkeller

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    Buy American, they're better quality and might help

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