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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AVRECON, Jan 6, 2002.


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    I've been wanting to get larger tires for my 89 Fullsize Bronco. This truck does not have a lift kit on it, and I'm running the fatory bullethole rims. Does anyone know how large of a tire I can put on without rubbing?
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    I had a stock 92 f-150 and put 31x10.50x15 on the truck.The only time they would rub would turning a corner and hitting a hole etc.I hope this helps to start your search.Check with local tire dealers,i'm sure they can help.:p

    AVRECON LawnSite Senior Member
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    31x10.50.15 are what the factory put on , not sure, but its what you see on most. I'm currently running that size with no problems. Would like to try 33's, have heard they will rub and have heard that they won't. Also been told that there is an adjustment to move spindle out further. Guess I'll talk to some tire dealers tommorow and see if they know for a fact. Gotta watch those guys, cause you know they want to make a sale. And once sold, seriously doubt that they'll take'm back. Thanx for responding!
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    Wouldn't recommend putting 33X12.50R15 on factory wheel. My guess is that is a 7 inch wheel.

    32X11.50R15 would be your next size up. Pretty sure those will fit, but the tire will sorta balloon out.

    To be running 32's and up, you better at least have a 10 inch wheel.

    One other thing to consider. Different manufacturers size their tires to their own specs. For example, Michelin tires are wider than Firestone.

    Don't forget, you are going to throw off your speedometer with a bigger tire.

    (straight from my husbands mouth who worked in tire sales)
  5. gogetter

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    Speedometer? What's that?:D
  6. ScotLawn

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    you can run 33x12.50's with no problem. i had them on a 88 f-150 and the only rub was on a tight turn. you can adjust the steering stops on the sides of the steering knuckles so it' don't rub. a 8" rim is ok but 10" would be better. spedo will be off by bout 5mph.

    AVRECON LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanx for the replies, but keep them comming, as it will be awhile before I will upgrade.
  8. ScotLawn

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    oh yeah, 31x10.50's are not stock tires for bronco's or any ford truck. most tires are 225/75's which would be either 29's or maybe 30's.
  9. WALT

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    You are not limited to 12.50 as being the width if you decide to go 33". Some brand tires, have 33x9.5, 33x10.5, and 33x12.5.

    Also consider metric sizes, like:
    295/75R16 = 33.5 overall dia. and 11.6 wide
    285/75R16 = 32.9 overall dia and 11.3 wide
    275/70R16 = 31.8 overall dia. and 10.5 wide

    the later seems like what your looking for, thats if you have a 16 wheel

    You never did say what size your factory rims are. If they're 16, look at these metric sizes as an option

    But having a full size Bronco jutifies having at least 31" tall tires, in my opinion. And we know what they are like. later :D
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    In my younger years I did cram a set of 36 inch buck shots under my fenders(worn long as I had no passengers I was ok but when loaded down it was wild....go down the highway and hit a dip you would hear the tread hit the top of my fender wells in the rear:D After that i decided to just lift tha dayum thing and be done with it...I now have 38's...I have 355 gears and a modified 302..retired her from the lawn biz about 3 years she is just a fun toy for the weekends:eek:
    My bronco is an 82 model

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