Tires on Bronco

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AVRECON, Jan 6, 2002.


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    How bout post a pic of that thang!
  2. cajuncutter

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    I do not have any pictures with the worn out buckshots on it however I have lots after the lift and 38's..i do note have a scanner but I will work on it...
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  3. Ray&Christine

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    I have a 88 full size Bronco, I put P265 70 15 tires on it with no rubbbing problem. When I bought it used it had 30 9.50 15? I think.The original sticker on the door says the stock tire are P235 75 15 . Some Broco came stock with 31 10.50 15., but I believe these came on the ones with the heavy duty front suspension with the quad shocks on the front end.

  4. Mykster

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    If you go to the site you should be able to order their catalog for new products. Do believe it's available on their site. In the back of the catalog it shows applications for how big of tire you can put on you rig. If you need a body lift to fit the 38" Swampers or if it will fender trimming. It's got all of that.
  5. ScotLawn

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    38's on a bronco will require a 6" sus lift and 3" body lift to keep from rubbing finders. Just a 3" body lift will not alow any bronco to run 38's without using cutout fender flairs. I had an 88 f150 which is the same as the 89 bronco. I ran 33's fine but a 3" body lift is the same as a 4" sus lift. 35's will be tight with just a body lift. 38's will no way fit.

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