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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ace 1, May 18, 2001.

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    Do you guys prefer the turf tires or the more aggressive tires on your ZTR's for all around use just wondering if the $150.00 for 2 of the more aggressive tires is worth it. As in making a difference see some other LCO's using them and they don't seem to lay the grass down as much as the turf tires do. Any opinions would be appreciated
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    I just got my first ZTR (a Woods 6215). I didn't know any better so I bought it with the standard turf tires. The first time I mowed I thought the mower was lugging up a gentle hill. Finally on one pass it stopped and I looked down and my left tire was spinning. It amazed me that the turf tires lost traction on even the gentlest hills. If they get any mud in them they are like racing slicks.

    The dealer worked with Woods and got me the bar tires for $190. The
    difference in traction is like night and day. They are low pressure and don't seem to hurt the grass any more then the turf tires so I am convinced that they are the way to go. I was joking with the dealer that there was good-news/bad-news. The good news is it is a lot harder to spin them. The bad news is when you do spin them it does a lot more damage!

    BTW, I found out later that on the Grasshopper front mounts (the same basic mower) the bar tires are standard on all the liquid cooled models and the turf tires are an option.

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