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  1. HOMER

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    When purchasing tires for your truck I recommend you buy the 10 ply. I needed a set and had been running Michelins, they came on the truck. Got talked into buying a 6 ply tire and man what a difference a few "ply's" make. Truck feels like it's swaying off the road with the trailer hooked to it.

    Now I know what happened to me a couple years ago when I got the tail wagging experience one day.

    Going this morning and getting another set put on, this time 10 ply.
  2. southside

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    Sounds like a wise choice. Always best to run the heaviest ply rating you can get. You may notice that the ride firms up a little.
    But your handling and stability will improve. Unfortunately some
    retail tyre salesmen don't have a clue when it comes to high
    load operations. Best to go to a commercial tyre distributor.
  3. 75

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    You're right Homer - good choice for any application where you use your truck as a truck.

    Especially for towing, sidewall strength is important. Those heavier rated tires have a stiffer sidewall which helps prevent the "tail-wagging-the-dog" feeling.

    Tradeoff? Stiffer ride from the 8 and 10-ply tires, IMO those lighter rated tires are targeted towards the majority of truck buyers who have no intention of ever doing any real "trucking" with their truck...................

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    Good to see you woke up of of hibernation, Homer.
    Been there. 10 ply's are best.
  5. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
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    Went back the next day and got my 10 ply.....................much better now. I still notice some of the wagging, more so than the Michelins I had, but the ride is much better than the all terrain tires that were on there first. Went back with blackwalls too, white letter tires just don't do as much for me as when I was a yungin!
  6. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
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    And one year to the day I was back getting a new set! Only got 21,000 miles out of that set. I did get a good price on the new set and went a size bigger and went ahead and put the white letters on.
  7. GLS

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    I just have a quick question that relates to load capacity on tires.

    The stock tire on my truck are LT245/75/R16 E (10 ply) [3,042 lbs @80psi]. If I replaced them with bfg a/t LT265/75/R16 D (8 ply), the load rating is still the same (but at 50psi). I don't know very much about tires, but it seems that bigger tires have a higher load rating (but do not offer higher load ranges [d/e]). What is the reason for this?

  8. idugaholez

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    Im running Kelly Safari Msr's. Ive got 50k out of them so far, Although they will be replaced soon. They are 8ply, and Ive never had any problems with them... as a matter of fact, once in a while, i pull out shrubs with them, and, even when the grass is wet, dont slip. Ill never run anything else.

  9. stslawncare

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    question for all on types of tires. this is for my first truck a 1985 for f-150. if i am correct my options for types of tires are light truck, highway, and all terrain. i know i wont be doing an snow plowing with it, i will mainly be doing town driving only, very little highway. i will most likely be doing some towing, and a little bit of off road (fields, dump, etc etc, nothing serious though). what would you guys suggest? i like the looks of the all terrain but looks arnt everything, any help would be appreciated.

    one more question. the tires currently on the truck are very worn and hard to read the size, does this sound correct?? p2357r15????? are these the biggest i can put on the truck?

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