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  1. 1MajorTom

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    Michelin LTX/AT.
    10 ply all terrain tire, smooth highway ride, yet has plenty of bite for mud and snow.
    The best tire money can buy.

    The Firestone Steeltex in my opinion is a very over-rated tire.
    Depending on road conditions and maintenance most people are lucky to see 25,000 out of them in our region.
    (I was a tire manager for four years) Had nothing but problems with the Steeltex series. Not dogging Firestone, they do have some good lines of tires, but the Steeltex is not one of them.
    If anyone had Firestone Steeltex around five years ago, did you get your free replacements due to massive recall?
    (No I'm not talking about the Wilderness series on SUV's.)

  2. Brickman

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    The ten ply tires were not included in the recall.

    As for the mileage some thing wasn't right there. Have you ever heard of ROTATION of the tires??? Tires not properly rotated will not last long at all.

    I have lived back east several different states, traveled many miles in PA, and lived in WY for over 7 years. And WY is by far the hardest on tires of any where I ever been. And I was getting 50K out of the Steeltex. I am a demanding driver, and if I can get 50K then I really believe the guy that said he got 61K miles out of his.

    You must have been getting an inferior run of the Steeltex, because out here they are used in large quantities. Many people like them because of the fact they get the best mileage of most others on the market for this area.
  3. Randy Scott

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    The 61,000 on those tires are no BS. I rotate every 5000 miles. It is very possible road conditions in different states has something to do with it. I will say the tires were pretty much shot all summer, but were safe to use and I waited until this time so they would be freshest for the winter months. There was a little tread left when they were changed about two weeks ago. As far as good or bad, maybe they had some bad runs of them years ago. I do know that I stopped at the Goodyear dealer and he told me straight out they don't have a tire in that series (E rating)that even comes close to the Steeltex. He was pretty honest with me, obviously if he said that. :confused:
  4. 1MajorTom

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    Yes 10 ply.
    It was a exclusive recall on the Firestone Steeltex Series. Mainly the AT's and the R4S due to sidewall failure.

    I ordered and sold these in mass quantities. Mainly to state and municipality vehicles. And I never heard of such outrageously high mileage. (not to say it isn't possible, but not in our area.)
    And yes these vehicles were serviced (rotated and air pressure checked)

  5. Gravel Rat

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    The Steeltex tires are terrible I have the R4S on my 80 F-350 dually flatdeck for steer tires you get on a wet road the front tire loose grip in a blink of a eye. The thing with them is the compound in the tread is hard so it don't offer much in the grip dept on wet roads sure they wear like iron. I know I won't be buying them for any of my other trucks I'am going to run Michelin LTX MS for steer tires. Around here getting a year out of a set of steer tires is pretty good I don't rotate my tires because I run bandag recaps on the back.

    Last thing the Firestones are pretty pricey around here especially for being a not very good tire your looking at paying the same you would for a Michelin.

    BOTURF LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well i may have made a mistake , but i went with cooper tires a 255/85/16 A/T quite a bit more aggresive than the steeltex and i have noticed quite a bit a diffrence already in that they arent as squirrelly on the wet roads plus i have had a set of coopers on my other dually for 2 years now and they look new ( more road tire on this dually ) plus the dealer is fantastic and the price was right 6 tires mounted balanced and tax for 690.00 total which i thought wa very good when price shopping
  7. cclllc

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    Did you say you had these on a duelly?If so how wide are the wheels and don't they rub each other?

    BOTURF LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yes they are on a dually it came stock with 235/85/16 , the 255 just gave it about a inch high height wise and no they dont rub anything at all , not control arms or fenderwells ect so far iam very happy with them btw i have no idea how wide rims are, they are what ever came stock on truck from factory with simulators

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