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Do you know how tire height and width affects performance...are the skinny and taller tires on hydros better on the turf-less "tire marks" than the fat short ones of belt drives?

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Tire performance on a mower is directly dependent on the soil and moisture of the lawn.

Obviously a wide tire is best for going in a straight line, everybody agrees on that. Are narrow tires better for turning? Not necessarily, true they do have a smaller "footprint", but they also have more PSI than a wide tire.

We've evauluated tires in various conditions and have found that wider is better for our application.


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I would have to agree, wider is better, more stabel,less pressure on turf, and if you know how to turn your z they don't even make a mark. Mine don't sink as bad as the narrower tires either when its damp.====== Marks Mowing Service