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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by superbee, Feb 20, 2005.

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    I was listening to a gardening show recently and the host was recommending Titan II type fescue seed for a lawn. Supposedly, this seed is relatively new and it is good for shady lawns and is a fescue that sends out rhizomes. Does anybody know about this seed and has anyone had any success with it? Thanks.
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    I bought some of the rhizome producing fescue two years ago, (wasnt Titan). I planted it in a a test plott along side several other types of fescue. I like the color and the texture but when the dry weather hit the stuff thinned out. The other grasses didnt fair much better as the only moisture provided was supplied by nature, but they seemd to hold up better than the rhizome producing fescues. The whole point of my test plotts was to see how different varities of fescue held up during dry weather without irrigation, which is how most of my lawns are. I figured if I found a grass that would survive on top of a dry hill with little maintanance then I would have a seed for most of my lawns. Statesman from Southern States held up the best and is what I use now on most of my lawns. I also didnt find any rhizomes on the rhizome producing fescue.
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    You might want to visit www.titanlimited.com. Titan Ltd. tall fescue is the next generation of Titan II. It has fared very well in Kentucky. In fact, you can see a picture of Titan Ltd. and it's rhizomes at www.titanlimited.com.

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