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    I'm attempting to post some pictures of my equipment. As you all can tell I'm in the building stages. I worked for over 7 years as a foreman and project leader for 2 large companies before completely getting out of the business. After several years off I slowly decided to get back into it doing side jobs, realizing I missed it and that working for yourself is much better. I'm attempting to get back in the game, slowly and part time of course. Never put the cart before the horse.

    I'm prepared to receive some flak for my mower because it is a lawn tractor, please realize when I purchased it I only planned on doing my yard. It is not a box store model and has a solid frame and a Kawasaki FH grade engine w/ electric PTO clutch. I put some G-5 gators on it, yet to try them out. The hydros are located next to each other and the steering is almost effortless, it will bang out a 3pt turn pretty quick. If things go well it will be my 1st piece of equipment to upgrade, something with serviceable tranny and a better deck. ZTR or walk behind will see what if any accounts I can get to justify a switch.
    Most of my customers are pruning/mulch work and 1 time seasonal clean-ups or projects. I only have several weekly mowing customers and want to push this end of the business this year.

    photo 1.JPG

    photo 2.JPG

    photo 3.JPG

    photo 4.JPG
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    Nice truck. Your handhelds all look brand new. Good luck this year.

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    Good Luck to ya!
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    A basic shrub pruning job from this morning from 1 side of the house. Until recently this had been a bank owned house as you can tell from the neglect. I did not want to take any more off as it would start exposing bare and dead spots. I tried to make them as uniform as possible. I will be doing the mowing as well. It is located at the entrance to a very nice neighborhood, which will hopefully lead to more accounts. Still 1-2 weeks out from mowing up here in ME.




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    A couple pics of my shed/shop I work out of. Big enough for me at the moment and keeps everything out of the weather and organized. Pretty humble compared to many of the other outfits on here.


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    Cool good luck to you and keep working at it!:usflag:
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    The majority of lawns up here in ME are still not filled in yet, some don't even need to be mowed as of the 1st Week in May as it has been so dry.

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    A couple before & after from a mulch/pruning job the other day. A dramatic improvement.




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    early season attempt at stripes w/ my JD LT.
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    2nd attempt



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