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    No my 2000 has been great. I've had it about 2 years now and got it from a local small dealer who went through it and did some repairs prior to selling it. They generally did not sell trucks w/ that age but it was in such good condition. Only annoying issue is the sending unit is faulty causing it to read low on fuel and empty now and then, after a few miles it resets it self to the actual fuel level. I got 127k for mileage on it. The mechanics say these truck are known for that problem and its not worth fixing unless you have to replace the fuel pump.

    Hopefully the bugs are now out of yours.
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    TML Great Work keep on posting.
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    Some mulch in the rain. I did not take any before pictures but this area was all moss, weeds and had never had any mulch bed in place. The lilac was over grown and some of the branches growing into the ground. The down spout where the gutter spits out was all rutted and washed out.


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    Mowed w/ Pack'em Grass Catcher, lose the striping a bit and due to the weight seems to highlight 1 wheel mark on mounted side over everything else,(no idea how or even if I can avoid this) but have no choice on the treated lawns w/ this wet weather.

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    Figured out I had the front bracket to grass catcher mounted upside down, hence the poor to nonexistent striping. The bottom of the catcher was hanging just below the bottom edge of deck bending the grass over. It did not fit the way it was supposed to, a little heat and hammer took care of that. As you can see the results are MUCH better for the few times I need to use it.

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    stripes are excellent!! wish i could get mine straighter! practice i guess, lets see some pics of the trailer with everything on it!
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    Nothing mouthwatering here. Just a clean, rugged, basic, reliable set up.

    This winter I'm hoping to have the guy who built the trailer put a box/basket up on front to open up the floor space a bit. It's only a 5x10 but has a 3500lbs drop down Dexter Axel.


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    Hey man, that setup looks nice. I am saving up to get a setup like that one Very clean and efficient! That basket would be a nice addition!
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    August and the lawns are not even close to burning out,

    photo 1.JPG
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    First and current mower is an x300 here too.

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