TN Fert. Application Timeline

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jkelton, Jul 5, 2004.

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    OK - I have a question that some of you will probably tell me that there are too many variables out there to give me an answer on, but I thought I would ask anyway. First, let me tell you what I am doing.

    I own/operate a business that blows mulch for landscapers and homeowners. Another serivice that I am working on for this fall is topdressing with compost and injecting seed into the compost mixture as it is blown on top of the exisiting soil. What I am working on right now is an information sheet on how to care for their new turf to make it grow best. I am putting in information in regards to mowing, watering, and feritilization. I know what to put in for the mowing and watering, but I am not totally sure what to say about ferilization. Basically, I would like to give a general timeline showing when ferilization and/or preemergents need to be applied (no rates, just telling the customers when to apply). I was thinking I could put down what needs to be done for each month.

    Since I do not have any experience with this topic, I figured I would ask the experts. BTW - I live in Middle Tennessee and most of the grass I would be dealing with would be fescue.

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