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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by starboyz66ftp, Apr 25, 2006.

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    i am buying a 14' or 16' trailer this week, i have a cube van that is awful on gas so i am getting rid of it and going with a trailer, i am just curiosu i have an 04 f250 psd, how does towing an enclosed trailer, say 14' affect gas mileage, i will have it loaded nt too too much, just standard tools, ladders picks, saws a compressor, drils, you guys know....just wondering how much fuel the trailer will take up when towing. also , i do a lot of work in the city , parking is tight , u guys have any reccomendations with aprking a truck a trailer. like do u guys park on the opposite side and pu out cones???
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    You'll probably get anywhere between 11-16 mpg. I have a 25' 3900#, with 2 700# quads in it, with my old F-250 (2002 open exhaust + open intake) I would get about 13
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    I have an 8x16ft enclosed trailer and get about the same mileage pulling the trailer (with a chev2500) as I do in 4x4 with my plow and salter on. And parking? Well, you park where you can and hope you don't get a ticket, like I did at the end of the day Friday. I often turn down small residential jobs now where I can't park.
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    I have an '06 F-350 6.0L Dually Supercab that I use to pull a 8.5x20 footer that weighs about 3,500 lbs and I get anywhere from 10-13.5 according to the MPG Lie-O-Meter in the dash. It's likely to get a little better as I only have 5,000 miles on the truck.
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    I use a 2004 F350 SRW with a Power Stroke Diesel and an automatic to pull a loaded 14' Car-Mate enclosed trailer with a 7000# GVW and I average 11 MPG.

    With regards to parking at the jobsite, out of courtesy I try not to park in front of other peoples properties. If you have to park in the street then I would use a cone or flasher and odds are no one will bother you if you are not there long. If they do, they will probablt just tell you that you can't park there.

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    I have a Haulmark 24' enclosed and pull it with a 2500Hd Duramax and love every minute of it! I average about 16-17 without the trailer and 15-14 with the trailer. Parking? Who cares. I see semi's all day in town and its no different for me. If I have to park on a street I just pull out the old cone and sometimes I flip on the hazards. I had a 16' open trailer and I will never go back!
  7. fulano

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    I have a 6.8L v-10 excursion and a 24x8x8 9900 gvwr enclosed trailer I figure around 5K pounds empty. I get 13-14mpg freeway with just the excursion at 80 mph. With an empty trailer it drops to 6-7 mpg at 80mph. That is $.50 per mile unloaded. Yikes! It is probably slightly better in the city at lower speeds. The height and weight kills the gas mileage.
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