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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bunton Guy, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. Bunton Guy

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    I am thinking of moving down there..I have been for about 5 years. Its getting near time to move my girl friend is looking for a job and I will be telling her to not bother soon. My problem is I want to move near the Orlando area just out of orlando to stay away from all of the buisy life. But I would like to run my lawn and landscape management company out of orlando . I went to the hernando/tampa area to visit family and they have had such a bad drought that some of the yards that used to be award winning are now SAND the grass dried up and has blown away sad but true. Is orlando like that ? is there any areas in florida that do not get this bad ? I know in Charlotte NC we have bad drought ...the grass gets crisp but it never resourts to actually blwing away and leaving the soil underneath. I love the weather in Florida its most always nice and warm. Im looking into buying several acres of land for a motocross track so I have no choice but to live right on the edge of town . Anyone have any idea of how much per acre land will go for around the areas outside of orlando ? Around here in charlotte in the country I can get for anywere from 1,200-5,000 bucks per acre. I appreciate your help.
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    I live about 20 miles west of Orlando. As long as you take on St. Augustine yards with irrigation systems, you'll have year-round work. We've been in a 3 yr. drought and I've yet to lose anybody due to dry conditions. Most of my residentials are cut 38 - 43 times per year. One warning, however, you can't escape the hustle by living outside of Orlando. Central Florida is a mess. The little town of Clermont, where I live, has been almost ruined by over-development. This is a good thing when it comes to plenty of lawn business, but bad as far as a place to live. Property value has exploded. For acreage, (5 - 20) it ranges from $4000 to 10000 per acre if you get way out of town. The funny thing is that my wife and I would like to move to North or South Carolina. We're sick of it down here. I guess the grass is always greener, right?
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    $4000-10000 an acre WOW. around here in metro detroit (romeo) you can't touch an acre lot for less than 70k.
  4. lawngator

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    That's rural acreage. Within 7 miles of town, 1/2 acre on the lake can run you up to $375,000. Most residential property runs 12 - 40,000 for 1/4 to 1/2 acre lots.
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    My parents live just outside of te Brandon/Tampa area and they paid $19.900 for 1 acre..Buying land or a home down here isnt cheap at all..

  6. summitgroundskeeping

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    neighbors lot 3/4 acre went for $26,000
  7. sheppard

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    Morning Bunton Guy,

    I would highly recommend the Jacksonville/Tallahassee/Gainsville area. Realestate is much lower here, the pace is slower & it's the 'real south'! Jacksonville & Gainsville are flatter than Tallahassee but Jacksonville seems to get more rain through out the year than either two.

    Good luck!

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    I live 30 minutes east of Orlando on the Space Coast. Like it was said before, if they have ST. Augustine and irrigation, the grass will never stop growing.

    As for the land, it runs from 2k an acre in the north part of the county to 45k an acre where I live. City prices are higher of course.
  9. Bunton Guy

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    Well I cant thank you guys enough this spring I will come down and check out some areas. My grandparents where they live (spring hill ) has mostly St. Aug grass (flortam) And even those yards with the irrigation are dyin off. They had a water restriction were you can only water once a week now I beleive its twice a week but most yards are to far gone. I dont know if this went for the yards that had well water ? From what I know most have wells that give the water for there irrigation . If I dont move down there I will really be dissapointed I have put so much thought into it and I am tired of this cold weather...I hate working when its so cold out. My goal would be to collect as many commercial acounts down in Florida as I can I dont know how hard and how different it is to get those accounts. It seemed in Charlotte there is a infinate amount of commercial acounts to grab.
  10. Cold in NC? You need to butch up a bit.

    Unless you want to take a pay cut AND work all year you should stay at your present location.

    Everything in FLA is hurtin big time. Stay away unless you are a tourist.

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