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    This stuff doesn't come all at once but as you try to maintain your fleet and change set ups in different seasons your find you need a lot of shop tools.

    Our first year we got socket sets screw drivers wrenches stuff like that. Had to get an air compressor and an impact gun.

    But soon into that season my ex boss got annoyed with me using the blade sharpener so we had to go buy one of them. Then a miller mig welder became very important.

    Soon we were drowning in little stuff so a tool box was needed and a vice can't imagine life with out a vice. That and the ability to fix a flat is a must along with the ability to restring a recoil.

    But soon we needed ways to cut metal so the die grinder and the sawzall became a must along with a nice new set of colbolt drills.

    But then we needed to build a leaf box and all of a sudden we need circular saws hammers skill saws and carp tools like saw horses and such.

    We needed a car jack and stands crowbars pulley pullers.

    Then a few years into the business trailers needed help so palm sanders and a plasma cutter were needed. Plus over the years all sorts of things like measuring tapes and all sorts of clamps vice grips.

    And then the original compressor went so we upgraded to a nice 60 gal ingersoll rand with a 3 hp motor. And with that came the ability to use real air tools but while we waited for it we had to get an electric impact gun.

    Before you know it you have 5000 PLUS in stuff that never leaves your garage..
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    I'll tell you that we can cut a lawn to padding and building a house...that should tell you what's in our shop.
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    I do not mow, however I have the capacity to fix many things on the road and the major stuff in my home workshop. Cannot be waiting around for a dealer to get to it. I also do lots of PM. Things are greased, sharpened, etc on nights or weekends. Critical equipment is overhauled every year in December.
  4. recycledsole

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    hey guys, where can one learn how to work on our equipment?
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    No matter how many customers and how much work you have,
    remember the dealer charges more than you do!
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    When it breaks, try to fix it. Then go to the dealer and tell them your neighbor borrowed it, broke it and tried to fix it without you knowing it.
  7. flyingdutch16

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    Or just tell them you tried to fix it your self but weren't able to fix it? Usually easier for the mechanic to know exactly what you did.
  8. LawnGuy110

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    pay cash whenever possible!!!
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    during the offseason, winterize your equipment you only use during the summer. this means run or drain all the gas out of it, spray some lubricant on it, put a drop of oil on the spark plug, disconnect the battery, and tuck it away somewhere in a dry place. and be sure to change the oil, air filter, fuel filter, etc. when its time to put it back to work.
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    All my work I do myself--either in my garage or in Father in law's tractor shop--none ever goes to the dealer

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