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To All

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Coater, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Coater

    Coater LawnSite Member
    from MI.
    Messages: 51

    If you can't afford to buy pro equipment ( not the junk some people are tricking people into buying)

    Instead of putting yourself at risk of being sued. Pavement gets real slick when wet and needs sealer mixed the correct way.

    Contract the work, and sub it to a real asphalt contractor who has invested it the right equipment. It would be a lot better than giving us all a bad name with fly by night work
  2. BIGBOY2008

    BIGBOY2008 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 146

    What exactly in your opinion would be considered "the right equipment" or "pro equipment"?

    Last fall i sealed three drives that had not been sealed before. The first one was a 3700 sq ft area. The second one was a little over a 5900 sq ft area and the third one was a 5000 sq ft area. I sealed all three of them out of 55 gallon barrels. My helper would bring the sealer to me in buckets where i applied it with a squeegee. My helper made it a point to thoroughly stir the sealer each time before removing it with the bucket. When we got down to the last five to ten gallons of sealer the sand was as evenly dispersed throughout the mixture as it was before the first bucket was drawn from the barrel.

    On all three jobs neighbors stopped and checked my work and asked me to give them estimates on their drives. I told them i was still in the experimental stage due to the fact i had not done much seal coating. They told me my work looked fine and that i appeared to be doing a better job than their previously contracted sealing companies. The owners commented their drives had been sprayed by well known contractors using tank trucks with spray application equipment set ups. I looked at the drives and on some the decorative river gravel had black over spray spots on it from not been pulled back prior to sealing. On several of the drives some of the outer edges of the asphalt didnt have any sealer on it. I gave them prices and was told my prices was quite a bit higher than the previous contractor but if i would give them as good a job as they saw on the other drives i could sure enough have the jobs. I gave estimates on nine of the jobs and i received six go-aheads to start asap. The others say they are talking to their wives.

    Im not a "asphalt sealing proffesional" by no means. But i am a hard working and honest individual who was always taught to give 100% and to do the best job possible with what ever means were at my disposal to do so. I dont have the money to go out and but a new or low mileage ton truck and set it up with a 300 gallon tank with motorized agitation and state of the art sealer application equipment. But the three drives i did turned out better than i expected with no complaints from the property owners. The property owners said i did an excellent job and so did the folks who stopped by to look at my work. Ive been told im doing better work with 55 gallon barrels and squeegees than the big shot guys with tank trucks and expensive spary equipment.

    I used to paint houses and i started out driving a ford escort with my ladders strapped to the top of it. I was a pretty decent painter but i know a lot of folks didnt think "a real painter" would be driving a ford escort with ladders tied to the top of it. One day i was in the hardware store and laid down well over a hundred dollars of their highest quality brushes on the counter and one of the local painting contractors acted like he wanted to snatch them up and take them back to the shelves. That was when i learned my first valuable lesson about being a contractor and that was to not let jealous competiton try to punk you out.

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