To apply lime or not to apply lime - Soil Sample Results

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by MTA73, Mar 20, 2012.

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    I am on the mobile vs. Right now and cannot tell where you are from, but $300 for that amount of lime is a good deal, but consider not using kentucky 31 on your yard, but just a tall turf fescue of 3 or so cultivars recommended for your region. Kentucky 31 is better suited as a pasture grass. Good luck on the yard.
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    300.00 for 5 tons applied? That is a ridiculously good deal. I pay 5/bag for pell lime so 1 ton would cost 200 alone.
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    Thank you to all of those who replied to my questions and this soil survey situation. I'll switch to a tall fescue mix as I wasn't aware KY 31 isn't well suited (other than being cheap) for my application.

    And yes, the local company I referenced charges $300 as a flat rate for residential applications. They are almost entirely ag based and do residential as a small after hours / side business. Most residential applications don't require the amount I need but they said "If their truck can haul it legally (weight wise), they'll apply it for the flat rate -- which includes the cost of lime.
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    I have read that PH should not be corrected by more then one step, ex: ph 5 brought to ph 6 at a time. If your soil is 4 then put down enough to bring to 5 this year. Then follow up with a new test next year and lime accordingly. So being your lawn looks great you may be better off applying less then they are calling for all at once.

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