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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Italianboy, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Italianboy

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    I've been doing grass cutting part time for 2 seasons. Most customers opt not to have the grass bagged. I dont like bagging because obviously it's more work;I use a 48' Metro 04. Any tips on how to sell new customers into not having the grass bagged? For the past 2 seasons i've charged them an extra 5.00 for bagging, but i'd prefer to talk them into not having it bagged! Thanks -
  2. nobagger

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    Would'nt we all like to just mulch it all away.LOL Here in the north east in spring the grass does'nt seem to stop growing rapidly until June or July so its a nesessary evil, or otherwise we leave clumps of grass or we could cut their lawn at 5" but they probably would'nt like that. Just suck it up and charge a few bucks more. M ake sure that you tell them that its not just the grass going into the back of your truck -now you have to find somewhere to dump it, so there is travel time included.
  3. CharlieBingo

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    To bag a lawn we must charge more than $5 extra. I don't know who came up with that number, but a lot of us use it . Bagging is a lot more work!
  4. joeycats

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    I agree. 5 bucks hardly covers the time. Escpecially if all you have is a walkbehind with a catcher. I was trying to figure a way to deal with this same issue. The grass is rapidly growing in NY up till July. I have a scag 48" hydro wb. I really don't want to be stopping all the time to unload the catcher. I was thinking for this season trying a mulch plate anf hi lift blades.
  5. Italianboy

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    yeah - i was also thinking about the mulching blades. Don't get my wrong, i do quality work, but i'll admit i do certain things to make things easier in my favor. For example, i leave my deck just high enough so that you can tell i was there. When i can, i'll cut diagonal to shift a customers attention there rather than the grass length. That being said, when i don't use my bagger, the average person couldn't tell. If a customer even questions me concerning the length, or deck height, i'll immediately make the necessary adjustments for them; but i'll make it look like it's some kind of personal request that i will absolutely cater to. LOL. One of my favorite things is to weedspray. When we're finished whipping out a lawn, i grab my weedsprayer. I pump it up within 5 seconds, and then i glance around at the customers windows. If they're home, they're usually checking out the job we just finished completing. At that point i take about 2 minutes to walk the property sidewalks spraying weeds for free. Now i know some of you might think "FREE!"??? But the thing is i've found this practice to be VERY EFFECTIVE for promoting referrals. Also, my spray is diluted to like 10 to 1. Hell most of the time, they have no weeds in the cracks anyway. But back to the bagging issue...i agree that the price should be more than 5.00 - i guess that figure just popped in my head last summer. Not only is it a pain to empty the bagger, but later you have to dump the truck!!! I wish i could tell the customers that leaving grass clippings on their lawn will promote greener grass or something, but they're not that naive. Any suggestions???
  6. mownredneck

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    How bout just tell them that u don't do bagging.
  7. Proably too much spring nitrogen put down! In my area, even with very little spring nitrogen, for the month of may, you need to mow every 5 days, too never remove more than 1/3 of leave blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. J Hisch

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    Bagging is like cleaning bathrooms in the cleaning industry. It has to be done. I personally am not a big fan of bagging either. However, I know I must provide this service to some on my customer base.
  9. 24ON48OFF

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    what do you do with the grass once you bag it. Is there a place near you that will take it for compost or something
  10. DLS1

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    I charge $10 extra to bag so that stops people. I explain it helps add nitrogen back into the yard. I mulch most of my yards unless I use the Hustler mini Z.

    You got to haul it to the dump eventually unless you have property to dump it on like I do. I would never do it if I couldn't dump it on their land or my land since it takes so much time to go to the dump.

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