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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by Coater, Apr 12, 2008.

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    For some reason I couldn't post on my other message but it will let me post a new one????

    Big boy if you want to spend all day with a 55 Gal barrel that's fine. How many pounds of sand do you put in your mix? Do you use additives? Do you use hot pour crack filler?

    For all I know, those people that had their drives done, could have had it done by a fly by night equipment.

    Unless, you have used or been around Pro Equipment than you have no ideal what your missing or what your talking about. No offence to you but you can't understand.

    There is used Eq out there
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    stop tootin your own horn! I have professional equipment and own a large scale sealcoating business in NY, your doing alot of bragging - you're just a sealcoater! Let the little guys do their thing, leave the big jobs to the professionals. I started out with a 150 gallon tank in the back of a pickup truck. Now I have 5 crews that go out daily with 300-750 gallon tanks. If I didnt start small, then I wouldnt be where I am now.
  3. Coater

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    from MI.
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    I'm not bragging anything about me personally, My problem is with the companies selling junk Equipment to people that don't know any better,and giving my profession a bad name .
    I'm sure Bigboy can do good jobs by hand as long as he is using the right mix, but you have to admit that equipment like Seal Rite is a far better way to go.
    I want to start Paving but can't afford the equipment right now. Can I pave a drive without a paver? Sure, I could put in a small drive by hand but is it the right way? I have a roller. I know its not so I don't.

    If people use the right mix, more power to them. but if they are going out with watered down stuff making my selling a job harder then it's a problem.

    Scott I'm sure your a bigger Co. then me. Maybe you don't have a prob in your area but I do in my area and I'm tired of trying to explain why I'm higher then the last guy, or when they say that stuff didn't last a year, why should I pay that much. Well I've invested real money in my business and want to protect it and that is what we do at NPCA
  4. BIGBOY2008

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    Theres nothing wrong with what im doing or the way im doing it. The bulk plant operator told me quite a few reputable people started out the same way im doing it. One well known contractor with twenty years experience told me he started out this way also.

    Right now i dont have the money for a tank with a spray application set up so its either dont do the work and not make money or use the 55 gallon barrels and make money. Thats not hard decision to make...i want to make money.

    Ill imagine there are a few others who dont have the money for what you would consider "pro equipment". So i will imagine they are working out of 55 gallon barrels and applying it with a squeegee like im doing. Some of them will quit and some will probably go on to have top dollar equipment.

    How many pounds of sand and how much additive do i use per gallon? I follow the bulk plant operators recomendations as to how much sand and additive to use.

    Hot crack filler? I sealed three drives that were a little over a year old and there were no major cracks in them. The other drives i gave estimates on have some cracks in them. I thought it would be best to take some pics of those cracks and measure the depths and submit this info to the bulk plant operator and follow his recomendations.

    No i have not used what you call "pro equipment" so i dont understand it from the same view point as you understand it. But what i do understand is that with what i have used and the experience ive had with it i have made excellent money. For the number of hours and miscellaneous expense invested i have done good.

    I imagine the first major upgrade ill make is to buy something like the SealRite 300 gallon hand agitated tank and trailer. I can proabably add a motor to the agitator for less than buying it with one. I can still use the squeegee until i can buy a new pump/spray application set up.
  5. Coater

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    Good choice on Seal Rite But you can also find good deals on used tanks also keep your eyes open I know one guy bought an older Neal Tank Trailer Spray all for 600 some guy had it and wanted to just let it go, it needed some clean up but it was a great deal. I'm happy for anybody who wants to do it the right way!! I am not only trying to protect my investment but Your future investment as well. If a person has been took by someone doing inferior work. It makes it that much more difficult to sell a job do the right way

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