To buy exmark lazer z xp diesel or dixie chopper diesel

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JOshua Gallerick, Feb 16, 2001.

  1. JOshua Gallerick

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    I need respones or choosing between buying exmark lazer zxp diesel or a copper diesel. Having troubles deciding leaning towards the exmark. Mow in iowa big lawns
  2. Eric ELM

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    We have a lot of Exmark owner members here, but I don't know of any that has the diesel Exmark. Since I know nothing about the Exmark Diesel, I can't help you that brand. I do know of 5 Diesel Dixie Chopper owners that use this forum, including me. I only have 325 hours on mine since it is a 2001 model and it is a 60". Some nice features I like about mine is it has two Hydro Coolers and a fan blade on the front of the motor to pull air though them. It has two separate huge hydro pumps and the new VTC (Velvet Touch Control) is really smooth. There isn't even steering dampners on it so the levers operate real smooth.

    It uses about 3 quarts of fuel an hour so you can run it around 12 hours before needing fuel, so it will put in a full day. If there is any other questions, email me.
  3. TLS

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    If the XP's are anything like the Kawi LC's, then go for it. If you really NEED a diesel than this is your best option.

    I have a friend who out and out hated his 50hp Dixie diesel and traded in on a 72" LC 27 hp Kawi and is much happier. The only thing he liked about the Dixie diesel was the Yanmar. Biggest complaint was 1) Price 2) Sloppy control levers 3) burned up belts due to too much power 4) Overheating (chaff buildup) 5) Quality of cut (72") 6) 4 fuel tanks and 4 caps to leak diesel all over. He did have one of the first Dixie Diesels, but was constantly in the shop to UPGRADE to newer improvements. We don't need to be $17,000.00 guinnea pigs. If it wasn't ready for release to the public, then wait until its perfect.

    The new Exmark XP's are just coming out and there aren't many people that have them yet. The dual belt deck drive sounds a little complicated, however it may save a single belt from burning up under load. I wish they went with Yanmar for power and a little more than 27hp for a 72" machine would be better. Exmark definately DOES engineer their products to a higher degree than most manufacturers. When its released, its perfect.

  4. Eric ELM

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    How many years have they been testing the Exmark diesel now? Since you just got an Exmark, how can you assure us that the diesel line will be perfect, when they are starting to sell them and you don't know anyone with one? I'm just curious.
  5. John DiMartino

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    Joshowa,I know litle about either diesel,but if your gut tells you Exmark,then go with it.Mine told me Exmark/Toro,I bought a Dixie-Shouldve went with my first instinct.I know the yanmars in the Dixie are great engines though-.
  6. TLS

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    Simmer down now. While typing the previous post, I though that it would get the hairs on the back of YOUR neck flared up, but that was not the reasoning behind it.

    What I am simply stating is that 95% of the XP line is tried and true Lazer. The only differences are the hydro pumps, motors and deck drive. The engine IS relatively new, and as I stated, kind of worries me. The Yanmar would have been MY first choice IF I were an Exmark engineer. However I am not and we are at the mercy of their engineers. In my opinion, Exmark engineers their products to be right, the first time. There have been many delays in the XP lines release date, I can only assume that this was to iron out the wrinkles BEFORE its release to the buying public.

    As for how many years I think that they have been testing the Exmark diesel? I honestly don't know. Hopefully LONG ENOUGH. As for how I can assure you that the diesel line will be perfect, when they are just starting to sell them and I don't know anyone with one?....I cant, but I can speak wholeheartedly for their quality of build, engineering, and QC...overall. In my experience with quality of build, engineering and QC during first runs with Dixies, I can say that I am not impressed.

    I am not trying to bash Dixies. I still have a place in my heart for them! But they need to wake up and realize that this is NOT 1985 and it is 2001. They have to update their product, or face my opinions, however harsh they may be. I was Mr. due to many reasons, I am now Mr. Lazer.

    Sorry this ran so long.

    No hard feelings, Eric.

  7. Ricky

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    Can't advise on the Exmark, haven't even seen one. But I have a 60" diesel Chopper. I like mine. Plenty of power with double blades in thick grass. Good quality of cut. Good fuel economy.

    I haven't had the problems that Dixie 1's friend has had except for the fuel coming out of the vents on the gas caps (but I have never owned a mower that didn't when they were near full). I usually keep the full ones closed and use out of the one that is not.

    I had an upgrade a while back but it didn't cost me anything. It gave me more power and rpm's. There are upgrades you can get from time to time but they are optional. Seems like when these guys find something that will improve their mowers they put it into production.

  8. Mowingman

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    I too am going to buy a diesel this year. I was considering a Lazer, but havedropped it from consideration for the following reason. The Briggs and Stratton/Daihatsu diesel is using the same block ( with modifications) as their liquid cooled gasoline engine. Remember what happened to the GM diesels in automobiles in the mid 80`s ? GM tried this and it was a fiasco. I will stick with either Yanmar or Kubota powered machines. BTW, Kubota has a new midmount ZTR out this year in either gas or diesel.
  9. TLS

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    Yanmar and Kubota also have gasoline versions of their diesels. They just replace the glowplugs with spark plugs and lower the compression ratio. Which came first the chicken or the egg?

    The GM diesel comparison has no place here and cannot be a reason for deciding NOT to go with a certain brand of lawnmower.

    The Kubota ZTR's look OK except for the low power ratings for the 60". You do need horsepower. Torque gets those blades spinning, horsepower keeps them spinning fast.

    Diahatsu has been in the heavy diesel manufacturing business for years and has just now tapped into the smaller engines. Briggs just merged with their small engine division. This IS NOT your fathers Briggs and Stratton engine.

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  10. Ricky

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