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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by quint7, Apr 13, 2005.

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    I mow part time with a 10ft. trailor ,48in bobcat beltdrive, commercial trimmer and blower. My work schedule from the fire dept. is 24hrs. on 48hrs off. I can mow all eight of my accounts right now in one full day. I have been offered seven more accounts all 1 acre or less. Is takeing on this many new accounts growing to fast. Also is it worth buying a 52in midmount or stander and up grading trailors to carry both mowers. Also the bobcat is a older model I got used to get started 2 years ago and she starting to burn a little oil.
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    I think if you pick up the accounts, and can afford a 48 or 52" Stander, do it. They will both fit on the 10' trailer, eliminating the need for a larger trailer at this time. Use the Stander as your primary, and the Bobcat as a backup. Change the oil in the BC to a synthetic with additives for ring wear, and limp her along until you can replace it. Good luck..
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    It depends on how well u will be profiting on all your accounts. I would figure all of your expences involved in your business and see where your at with your prices. Only u can determine (based on your figures) whether your growing too fast and/or if its worth it to purchase additional equipment. Sounds to me like u have the time for more accounts
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    Do what he said. Coming from a fellow fire fighter.

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