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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joel B., Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Joel B.

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    from MN
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    I'm almost ready to take the plunge and get the new Snapper W/B I have been checking out. It is a new 2002, 52" hydro, 23hp Kohler w/ el. start, for $3945.

    Is this a good enough deal to just take it and run or should I try to deal? The dealer only has 2 left so I don't want to screw around too much. I have never been very good at "dealing", any suggestions?


    Joel B.
  2. HarryD

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    i think thats a great deal my new 52" turf tracer 23HP kaw was $5,300.00 . I have never seen a snapper WB but im sure they compare to all the others out on the market . im not sure he will go down any more then that but you never know .

    is this the mower
  3. lawncare3

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    I have a snapper and love it! You will not be dissapointed. That's a great deal I think around here it is about $4200- for a 48" with a 17hp. Is it gear or hydro?
  4. Joel B.

    Joel B. LawnSite Senior Member
    from MN
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    Yep, that's the one. I don't think the motor is right though. The 23 Kohler is a twin with electric start and the one in the ad looks like a single cylinder manual start.


  5. Richard Martin

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    Joel B wrote:

    I have never been very good at "dealing", any suggestions?

    There are 2 key items to "dealing".

    His desire to sell an item and your desire to own an item.

    You will always get the best deal when he wants to sell an item.

    For example let's say it's the beginning of the mowing season and he just got in 10 new walkbehinds. He hasn't even made a floor payment on them yet. There are plenty of people coming in and looking at the mowers and he has already sold a couple of them. His desire and need to sell these mowers is not very high. He's not worried about selling them because it's the beginning of the season. You on the other hand need to buy a mower and you need it now. You don't have a mower and you must have one. The dealer is in the power seat. He can ask a higher price and usually gets it because you need the mower and can't wait. Remember, a good salesman can "read" a customer and can tell when he has you hooked.

    Now the opposite is the situation that you are in. He has 2 mowers left. He really needs to sell these mowers now so he can stop making payments on equipment that is just sitting there. You are in a position to make him an offer on the mower, say $800 less than what he wants. If he wants to deal he will start talking at this point. He will make you a counter offer. He will say something like "Man, that's just too low, I won't make any money on it" and he will tell you what his counter offer is. You need to dicker back and forth until you come to a price that you both like. This works extremely well when buying a car or truck.

    Some dealers won't deal no matter what the situation. And if you really want the mower then you will have to pay their price. But all is not lost and you can still get a deal at this point. Now is when you start asking for something extra for the same price. Ask him to throw in a trimmer, a bagger or something like that. When I bought my Exmark the dealer would not budge on the price. It was the beginning of the season and he had no reason to. But I did get him to make me a package deal on the mower, a Shindaiwa T-230 trimmer, a Grass Gobbler, a Velke and state sales tax out the door for under $3,000.

    Sometimes even if you can't get the package deal you can get the dealer to influence the finance company to make the financing terms the way you want them.

    My point is there is always some way to get a little better deal. And if the dealer won't do something for you then walk out the door.

    That is the absolute first and main rule of getting the best deal with anybody, at any time. You must be willing to walk away from any deal, at any time. Remember what I said above, a good salesman can read you and he knows when you are ready to walk out the door.

    I know there are people here on Lawnsite that will say "Don't beat up on the dealer, he needs to make a living too". That is pure and simple BS. Large companies make deals all the time. They ask for bids from suppliers constantly. The lowest bidder usually gets the contract. Why should you be any different? It is how good business is done.
  6. mklawnman

    mklawnman LawnSite Senior Member
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    Id say take it and run. Maybe do alittle wheelin and dealing to see if you can cut the price down some but for that size of mower with electric start thats a steal.
    Bought a Scag 52inch 17Kaw with velkie on it for $5200 no electric start either.
    Great deal man :cool:
  7. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    That's a heck of a price.

    I'm used to paying around 5 grand for a dual drive 52" Ferris. It you really need a mower, I would jump on that deal.
  8. xpnd

    xpnd LawnSite Senior Member
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    "Wheeling and Dealing" needs to be put in perspective. I purchase a PB400E Echo blower for around $349.00 or maybe $249.00 (Ihaven't purchased one in awhile) . Time to break even on expenditure - 2.25 hours. 1 21" Toro Proline mower w/ 2 stroke Suzuki engine ~$950.00 or 7.3 hours to break even. 1 used (not demo) Toro 44" Z Turn w/25 hours in new condition $4.8K ~36 hours to break even. There is no other business I know of where a major investment in equipment can be made one day and have it paid for by the month's end. I don't deal on my prices to prospective customers so why should I think my dealer should with me. I will never recommend leaving cash on the table when you know it is there, but the dealer has expenses and a family to put food on the table for. My dealer knows if the price isn't competitive, I'm not going to dicker, I'm walking. Among the many quotes I see and like on this forum this one is particularly applicable here. Money talks, bull#$%^ walks. If you're the one talking the later, you'll be walking without the machine or develop a reputation of being a tight butt and the dealer won't be calling you first to inform you he just got a 44" Z in NEW condition on trade that he'll sell for $4.8K or a used perfectly working but otherwise extremely dirty Proline he'll let go for $200.00. I'm a big believer of what comes around goes around and I am now on the beneficial turn around side of this arrangement. BTW I also have full shop priveleges to talk to the mechanics at any time to learn about repair procedures. That alone has saved me more money in the long term than any trival little one time discount on a machine.
  9. HarryD

    HarryD LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I would buy that mower before someone else does . thats a great deal IMHO
  10. Flex-Deck

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    xpnd - WELL SAID - I get tired of people on this forum wanting to screw their dealers down to the last penny - then saying " I would not even show up to mow that property for less that $60 per hour, or whatever"

    Then they wonder why their dealer when broke, and "Now what am I going to do - Have to drive 120 miles to the next dealer for my brand" "Now I have to start another thread on ""What brand do you run""

    Find a dealer that gives service - Most mowers are good - there may be some subtle advantages, but most do the job. I can not believe that someone (everyone on this site) can afford to be in business if they do not have good service and a good dealer.

    Why can you all not give your dealer a chance to make a dollar and be in business next year. If you want to screw your dealer down 25%, why don't you go out and tell your customers you are going to give them a 25% discount due to your great deal on the equipment.

    Thanks, Brad

    PS - Have a winter deal on the flex-deck which can really make a big difference in your bottom line -

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