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To everyone who makes there own trailer accessories


LawnSite Member
Do you guys ever sell your items to people on here or just use them yourself. I have seen some really cool trimmer racks, gas can holders, blower holders, etc etc that people make at home for $5.00 you guys ever consider selling your items?


LawnSite Senior Member
chicago suburbs
ColePyck, i've made all of these items, if anyone is interested use the search function and look at the stuff i made i am willing to sell them, PM me


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
No, I've helped some local lco's around here out and assisted them in building some shelves, trimmer racks, and gate assists, (welding, and such), but I've never actually sold them. They just compensated me for the material and such. I DID sell a local school district a couple of gate assists for their trailers. They had one trailer, that the gate was so heavy, that it took two guys to lift it safely. Well, because of that, whenever that trailer was used, two guys always had to be there. Now, one man can lift that gate with hardly any effort at all. We also fixed their lights and wiring for them while we had them in the shop.