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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by joshua, Jan 1, 2002.

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    exmark, last year (2001) i order a bagging system (for my 52" 18kol full size) from my dealer at his open house, the rep. from my area was there when i order the bagging system and assured me that i would have the bagging system before spring, i order the system on feb. 22. so after a dozen calls to my rep. with out a return call i finally recieved my bagging system at the end of may( last week of may). and this fall my cluch on my lazer (about 600hrs.)was going bad and i ordered a new one at the beggining of october( 1st week) and didn't recieve that until the 2nd week of december. what i'm asking is is this what I have to look forward to in the future?
    Ive bought 2 w/b off of your company the 2 previous years and have had no trouble but this past year it seemed like everything was just down hill. and i would really like to know when i purchase a new lazer in the spring, i won't have to worry about waiting a month or longer for a part of any sort if my dealer doesn't have it in stock?
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    As I recall we had several production issues with your particular model bagger. As with most production issues some can be avoided and others are out or even our control. I know it's no consolation but we have taken several steps to ensure that similar issues don't arise.

    In regards to your clutch, it's difficult to say. I checked and we would have had that part in stock here at our parts warehouse. With out knowing who your dealer is and following the order it would be difficult to determine what exactly happened. I can tell you that most often the cause for such delays are miscommunication or human error. It is also common for a dealer to not "rush" a clutch if it has not failed. Most often the clutches start acting up and continue functioning for some time before they actually fail. Like I said it's difficult to determine what really happened. I hope you did not have any down time due to the delay.

    Your electric clutch as with all Exmark parts are available overnight with the Parts Plus System. It will cost you a next day air charge but it can drastically reduce your down time in the event something goes wrong.

    If you have any further questions please let me know.



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