To fertilize or not to fertilize???????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jason_2005lawnman, Feb 18, 2006.

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    Hello everybody; i live here in southeast mo where we have a little bit of everything; i have 70++++ customers but only about a dozen might be interested in fertilizing; 75% of my yards here in this area is wild grass ; like crab grass , fescue, bluegrass, bermuda grass all in one yard; a lot of these customers have lived like this their whole life; so when you mention fertilze they laugh; so would the dozen or so customers be enugh to start; and what to charge for the average 45MIN or so lawn??
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    if you are just doing 15-20 lawns you could get by without a big investment in equiptment, all you would need to get started is a brodcast spreader (I recomend a lesco stainless steel frame) and a backpack sprayer for liquid herbicides. you will also need to get a liscensed to apply pesticides. but you can make enough $ to make it worth while.
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    I believe most states require you to pass a Pesticide test before you can apply chemicals this includes: fertilizers, selective and non selective (ex.Round Up) herbicides, etc. I think that being a lawn maintenance professional you need to be able to provide the services customers want. You don't want them going with someone else to treat there lawn because you could lose other work. I would get the study material for your state dept of AG and look at the requirements: insurance, licenses, records, etc.
  4. jason_2005lawnman

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    hello everybody; i do know that in my area for the granual fertilize i dont need a liscense; as far as the chemical and all that other stuff; i cant even get anybody interested; these are people who have lived here for years and to them grass is just a pain in the butt; they could careless if it grows; that is the way 80% of everybody is around here; most of them dont even water; all this i know personally; ive growed up around here and im 26 now; getting them to fertilize is a big hassle; but the other stuff; well you can probably guess; lol;
  5. indyturf

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    I guess you will have to market a little different than the rest of us. kind of like the guy down in your area that throws his rolls across the restaurant to you! lol

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    Kinda like eating beans out of a can with your pocket knife.
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    In Missouri you can only apply STRAIGHT fertilizer without a license. If the bag has a product that kills any type of weed then you must have a license. What customer would want to fertilize grass and weeds if they are not killing the weeds with chemicals.
  8. jason_2005lawnman

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    well if you read my first post i told u what the yards consist of and in dexter missouri i can put down a 12-12-12-12 or 10-6-4 or 34-0-0 or 21-5-7 ect without a license; im well aware of what i can do; but like i said if the yards contain everthing from weeds to grass then were back to my ????? ; to fertilize or not to fertilize?????
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    I heard 12-12-12-12 is a great fert! :confused:

    If the lawns are as bad as you say and most people don't want to pay for fert and weed control, then it sounds like it might not be worth it. Or, you can go with the few you have, turn the lawns around, and expand business from there. Can you sell? I would get a license as well. You need to kill the weeds to turn the turf around, and you can then add services such as aeration, seeding, lime, etc.

    BTW, you asked a pretty generic question, and you will get answers to get your license, which you should do. You might think you're well aware what you can do, but it sounds like you have a lot to learn, as most of us do on the site.
  10. garydale

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    Try picking one of your most visible client's properties and make it shine.

    Fertilizer, weed control, water what ever it takes to make it a show place.

    Use any money you planned for advertising to help pay for it.

    Put an attractive sign up saying its your work.

    People need to see results to change their thinking.

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