To fertilize or NOT?

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    I am a small lawn maintenance guy, and many people call and ask if I can get rid of there weeds. Some say they have used a big name Co., and didn't like the results. They are wanting there weeds gone. My question is. Will I be able to fertilize, and get rid of their weeds, by just using Scotts five application program during the year. will it help at all, or am I just wasting my time. How effective are the weed treatments in Scotts program? Am I just better to reffer them to a company that specializes in that, or do the scotts program. Please give me some advice, and recommendations. Thanks!
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    You will need to be licensed to put down anything except straight fertilizer.

    So find out the requirements for your state and get started in the process if you want to do this.

    This is usually regulated by the Dept of Agriculture for your state.
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    You need a license to apply a PESTICIDE.

    You can apply fertilizer, seed, lime, etc. without a license.

    My suggestion is to establish a relationship with a local LCO who can perfrom all your fertilizer/pesticide applications for you.

    Then you can begin offering the service for your customers and offer them full service.

    For the next few years, you can observe/learn/study the application business and take the necessary tests to obtain your license.
    THEN you can step in and run that part of your business properly.
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    I don't know about your state, but in Virginia, you need a license to put down even fetilizer. You need to check YOUR laws.
  5. You might try and find your state Dept. of Ag. on line. You can probably access the regs/laws at their site.
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    Best advice I have seen given on this forum.

    A good pest control company can not only make your work look great. They can give you advice and send you customers.

    It is called NETWORKING. Networking can turn your job into a business. If you work alone or with a helper, you got a job working for yourself. If you have crews doing the work and you only manage, then you have a business.

    My advice. Network not only with a pest control company, but a tree company, sprinkler company, and a Landscape company etc. refer pool cleaners, house cleaners, pressure washers etc. etc. You are in a service industry. Make your service a service.


    I see too many lawnboys that are to dumb to see the value of networking. They are happy to cut weeds and pay there bills. They are too stupid or proud to realize what they are missing out on.

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