To good to be true?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McCarty'sLawncare, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Hey all I had a recent experience from a dealer that just blew my socks off. I been in the buisness going on 16 years already. I know this has already been discussed but ofcourse I asked... The most important to me is a manicured cut. How pretty can the cut be all heights bumpy terrain wet st. augustine and etc. I fell in love with the TTHP I decided to visit a Hustler dealer like I said best service ever!!! 1st off the guy said he is so sure Im gonna love this 48' Hustler walk behind with the 1 hand control system lol. He will let me take it out brand new for 2 days if Im not satified bring it back for a full refund the guy knows his stuff. I was very impressed and very tempted. It would really help me out if you guys can give me more of a hands on experience with the new Hustler walk behinds. The Hustler controls seem fun then the ECS seem great also I am 5'10 and they are kinda tall for me on the TTHP and TT. Thanks all
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    Take him up on that offer. Use it hard for 2 days and see if you like it. Hustler is a good brand with good support so I say take him up on his offer. Get it in writeing so he can not back out of the deal in case you dont like it.
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    I looked at one I liked it but it looked like it might be difficult to work on with the hydro controls going down the middle of the handles like they do. Probably a good mower though.
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    First off, I run Huster's, but not their walkbehinds. I would guess that unless you are curb hopping it will be the best control system on a walkbehind that you will find. I also like Hustler as a company, and there is no doubt it my mind it will be built like a tank.

    The only question will be the cut quality. I recently picked up a TT with ultracut deck because I am not overly thrilled by the cut quality of my riders. I have both types of Hustler decks, and both have strengths and weaknesses.

    I don't imagine you grass is growing like crazy, so that demo will likely mow perfect. The question is, how will it do in adverse conditions. You will not likely know til you own her.

    I am not saying it will not mow perfect for you down south. I just know I expect a bit more in my area.

    Good luck
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    I have the Exmark TT ECS and have demoed the Hustler wb. The ECS, in my opinion, BLOWS IT AWAY. Quite simply, you need to have SEPARATE control over each side of the mower to vary for differing conditions. The Hustler will not offer that. Now, when I demoed the Hustler, I was expecting it to be great as it supposedly increments the reverse along with the forward for a smooth turn. And it does, but with no way to finesse the controls. Result is more divots than you'll get with a hydro wb with separate control on each side.

    If you demo one, make sure you use it in some wet conditions, you'll see what I'm talking about.

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