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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Red Shed Landscaping, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. promower

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    Some guys just arent cut out for this work. Its not going to get better, let him go
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  2. zedosix

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    It's a new generation, get used to it! If you want something done right do it yourself!.
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  3. alldayrj

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    He might take a week or two to get in shape but if he's lackluster from start to finish I would cut him. I had a kid working that was great Monday tues weds. Sucked on thurs and Friday. I don't know if he was going out at night or just tired so I let it ride a few weeks until it didn't improve and I had to let him go.
  4. jmkr02

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    Hobbies eh what's your take on video games?
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  5. zedosix

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    "Video games" That's a sickness not a hobby
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  6. Red Shed Landscaping

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    I feel like I know what I should do but I will give him a few more days to see if he can get out of turtle mode and give him a chance to show me a glimpse of what he could do. I am trying to realize people need a little time to get used to something they are not used to.

    He has said to the other guys that he loves the job and is so excited to work for me. It is kind of weird that I don't see it in his actions. He said he wants to provide for his family so hopefully he will.

    People have died from playing video games. Sitting for such long periods of time is not good. I can see playing once in awhile but all the time everyday is messed up. Do something!

    I always feel like I should just do things myself so I know they will get done right without having to go redo it. I feel like there isn't anybody else like me who wants to do their best and continually try to get better at what they do.
  7. shovelracer

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    Listen to your gut. Doing specific tasks can be taught, but the drive to do those tasks will never improve. I recently had a guy who I wanted to like. I gave him every opportunity, paid him well, talked to him more times than I should have. In the end even with years of experience he just didn't get it. He knew how, but didn't care to his heart was not in it. A real shame cause he'll wind up never improving in life if he can't find drive. Either way I tried and tried and then one day he showed up to say he was done and quit on the spot. Really F'd us cause that week we needed every hand we had. Upon thinking back at the situation I knew from the first day, but I did not follow my gut.

    Then his replacement I decided to go a different route. I found a kid who wasn't interested in partying and staying up late, he just wanted to make money. He's as green as they come. So the first few hours I'm thinking what did I get myself into. By the end of the first day he figured it out and was working uninstructed. By the end of the first week he had surpassed the drive and skill level of the prior 10+ year experienced worker. He is currently on his way to having a permanent job with us if he wants it.

    My point is you already know what to do, but realize that if you are seeing things that your customers are seeing these things also and it is a reflection on you.
  8. Red Shed Landscaping

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    Here's another one for you... I did fire that guy that the thread was originally about and now I am on to 2 others and am trying to figure out what to do.

    What are your policies for calling in the day of and leaving early with little or no notice? Do you have tolerance of so many days and gone or let them keep working no matter how many days they miss?

    This guy I hired in the middle of April has called in 8 days and left early 5 days without notice the day before or even in the morning but waits until he has to go to tell me he is leaving. Some of the reasons he has missed work was because his belt broke on his truck, his babysitter was sick, water pipe broke in the basement, tripped over the dogs leash and went to ER for sprained wrist missing 3 days (still hasn't given the doctors note yet). Has left early one day because he and his wife were in a fight, and this week he left early three days for dentist appts. Will be calling the dentist office to find out if he has been going.

    Today just put me over the edge when we were ready to leave for lunch, says to me that he isn't going since he has to leave at 1 for a dentist appt. I kind of flipped out on him since he should drove separate so he wouldn't have to take one of the trucks home. And said now we have to drive back and make the extra trip to pick up the truck again. Then he doesn't even come back to work after the appt.

    The customers have been asking me each day if everyone will be coming to work the next day and feel embarrassed to tell them the reasons and how sporadic they show up particularly on the job we have been doing this past 2 weeks.

    The other guy I hired about a month ago has missed 3 or 4 days because he has anxiety attacks and can't drive or work. But he is much better at giving me notice.
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    Dentists are expensive. Find it hard to believe a landscape laborer is going to the dentist so frequently. He sould provide you with a note from the dentist.

    Anyway, this guy isn't a good employee.

    None of your people are any good, based on all your typing.

    I do not employ Americans. I employ Hispanics, for the reasons you shared. I have a business to run, not a daycare.

  10. DVS Hardscaper

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    Also, now be honest, how much are you paying these guys??

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