To late for flyers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by willie1227, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. willie1227

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    How long does everybody pursue the flyer distribution? I feel like I have missed the boat a bit. My wife and I are expecting our first child this week and I have been to busy these last few weeks to get all the flyers out that I wanted to. Im doing a newspaper ad this week but Im not anticipating that many calls to come. The lady told me there are 25 other guys posting this week. I guess I will pick it up later this week but I feel like all the customers have already chosen for the season by the looks of all the crews running around. I have picked up 5 but that is it.

    Just a little scared! Anybody out there ever started late and had good results? Or am I just being paranoyd?
  2. EagleLandscape

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    It's never too late to expand your business. I will advertise all the way out July. For some reason July is the busiest month for EVERYTHING. People seem to get the nice-looking-yard bug and want everthing done. Plus next time post this in the business forum.
  3. AdvancedLawn

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    I am also just putting my flyers out sometimes this week, just waiting on the lady from the bulk mailer to call me with all the good neiborhoods she has found with the $150000 + houses in them. my newspaper add has been running about two months now and we also have around 20 in there. The only difference in mine is that my add along with another guy has a little graphic in it, Really makes it stand out against the others. Then I do the television, it is a service channel that only runs advertisements for businesses and I am the only Lawn care service on that. I hit the gold on that, I have been getting around two estimates a day from that alone for the past week. I dont think it is ever to late for advertising. It is true everywhere you look these days it is a whole lot of mexicans. At least down here in texas anyways. I pull up to red lights and you will see five different lawn care services. And I say a whole lot of mexicans because that is what everyone hires down here because they have a good work ethic and for the most part take pride in the work they do. So dont give up the work will come everyone with grass has to have it cut for the most part by someone no matter what
  4. Bryn

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    You have to remember that people start with the greatest intentions about cutting their grass, but like the New Years resolutions, they fall by the way side. Maybe in a month or two, business will pick up, as the temp goes up. People will want to go to the beech, or go fishing, golf etc. rather than cut grass.

    Another thing to remember, most companies that survived an economic down turn, did not stop advertising. You may have to do a little advertising, but often.

    Best of luck

  5. phantomdjx

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    hey willie where you from
  6. phantomdjx

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    i'm going to be doing the same thing this week with some flyers. I know a guy who went door to door giving out a card and flyers. He pretty much gained all his accounts by this method.
  7. bottlefed89

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    I'm near K.C. I also didn't get out all the ads I wanted. I went around with some door hangers, and got the only 3 people; all that I happened to catch outside. I got one call for a tree job from the doorhangers, other than that nothing. We have a new paper being distributed about town, it's getting mailed with the hopes of picking up subscribers. I sent out 3500 flyers in one issue of that paper....0 calls. I'm gonna keep trying, I think people that see me can tell I do good work, and don't waste time. I know that speaks a lot for itself. It always has in the past.
    Willie - by the way, if you're near K.C. give me a holler(email) if you need anyone to help cover you once the kid comes...
  8. MikeMaupin

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    Would it be best to distriute flyers in loacations wher you have a few accounts already and try to build more of a customer base in that area, or try to target an area you would like to be in, or both ?
  9. willie1227

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    Thanks for the good imput guys. I realized last nigt after I posted I am just a bit nervous. Probably mixed with all the anxiety of expecting the baby. I will keep up the advertising for most of the summer, I guess you just have to do everything you can do and have a little faith things will work out in the end. Im in St. louis for all you Missouri guys but my wife and I are natives of KC North and hope to return home in the next couple of years. My full time job is in the aviation industry but that is usual is less than stable. Thanks everyone! Off to the hospital.
  10. chevyman1

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    it's also not "too" late either, haha

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