To late to start?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mark13, May 15, 2007.

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    I thought about getting into mowing during january and early february and kinda forgot about it, well recently I have been thinking more seriously about it and was wondering if it is to late to try and start doing it? I already have a summer job lined up and want to stick with that, but I have been told it will not last all summer, as the work I will do will not take that long. As far as I have been informed about the schedule for that job it sounds like I will have after 5pm to cut during the week and all day saturday. For equipment we (family) has a jd L120 (20hp, 48", lawn tractor), older murry rider (22+ yrs old), 2 older push mowers, pull behind lawn vac, p.o.s. Macolach (sp?) trimmer and backpack blower, 6.5x10.5ft landscape trailer, and my truck. I have been looking into commercial equipment for the future. Any other ideas or tips? I have been mowing for about 6 or so years so I have the basics down and have gotten the striping down quite well with our mower.
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    It's never to late ... just that some times are better then others. A sure fire way to fail is to have never tried in the first place.

    Good luck ...
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    Bump, any other suggestions for me?

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