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  1. accuratelawn

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    Have your guys used your new toro mowers yet?<br>I know you saved $$ just wondering if they are working out. I would consider a Toro if they cut as good as my Exmark.
  2. Lazer

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    I'm going to actually take delivery of 2 on Monday. Heck no, they won't cut as good as an Exmark, but word is they're getting better. They turned the blade tip speed up from 16,000 to 18,500 fpm.<p>Toro's have always cut nicer when it's wet, and I'll be interested in trying the &quot;high lift&quot; gator blade.<p>You can't really grade a mower until mid-May after 3 days of rain when you're a day behind and the grass is a foot tall.
  3. Evan528

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    i own the toro z master with a 62inch deck and a 25hp engine. ive never used a lazer but i no the cut on the toro is incredible. ive used the machine in pouring rain and it still disperses the clippings evenly with absolutly no clumps. the new toro like the one i have does have a fast blade speed (same as the lazers) and cuts very smooth. besides the deck it is a exmark so the quality is definitly there. i would definitly go with the toro over the exmark if there was any savings to be had. its a great machine.
  4. Evan wrote:<p>&gt;besides the deck it is a exmark so the quality is definitly there<p>You are wrong Evan. The 62&quot; Toro deck has<br>been around for 20+ years. It was first<br>used on the Groundsmaster then about 1990<br>it became available on walk behinds.<p>There is no difference between my 1991 walk behind deck and the deck on your or lazers<br>new 62&quot; ZTRS except that I have the option<br>of sitting or standing and my machine is<br>topped out at 5.2 mph.<p>Maybe I will have to turn the governer up<br>500 rpm?
  5. Evan528

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    lawrence, maybe you misunderstood me. i said that the deck was the only diffrence on the machine compared to the lazer. i no that the deck has been around. i do no that in the last year or so they have modifies it so that it has the very fsat blade speed that the old ones lacked. by the way....the spindles on the z master are much better than the lazer spindles...lazers sealed spindles arew not the way to go!
  6. Lazer do you know where the 62&quot; hi lift gators<br>can be purchased?<br>
  7. Evan528

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    i dont beleave there even out to the public yet. im anxious to try them as soon as they come out. i like the regular gators mulching capability but the poor lift is why i dont use them.
  8. lbmd1

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    Stone,<br> The new magnum high lift gators blades are not available as of yet. I contacted the distributor of silver streak products and they said not yet. I too was looking forward to using them on my Toro Z's 62&quot;.
  9. lbmd1

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    Accuratelawn,<br> Evan is correct on the machine's ability to cut when wet. Though not preferring to cut in wet grass, this machine disperses clippings without clumping and can still make a lawn looked bagged even when wet. The super flow system on the decks circulate the clippings not only to disperse better, but to put less demand on the far spindle on the discharge end which usually carries the burden of all the clippings. Couple that with gator blades and you have an incredible cut. We have 2 62&quot; 's , 1 with 900 hrs, one newer with 40 hrs. They are great machines! <p>Mike
  10. grasscapeinc

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    I have no problems with my Toro Mid-mount Z.<br>I agree about SFS decks. Very nice. I would not recommend the 52in deck though. Go for the incredible 44, or 60 if you need bigger. Toro's 52&quot; just isn't that good.

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