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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MIDSOUTH, Jan 2, 2001.


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    i have a 2001 f-250 powerstroke 4x4 crewcab,i am going to lift it 4" and put 35" tall tires on it.superlift is lifting it at n/c.they offer to buy the tires and rims and put some other goodies on it if i would let them go 8" on the lft-the tires would have to be 40" to 44" tall.this would raise the truck up over 12 to 15 inches over stock.what would you do,do any of you work out of a very high lifted truck all day-i'm not worried about the mileage that much because it already gets crappy diesel mileage 12mpg-it only has 4000mi on it though,it may get better when it is broke would look awesome with 44" boggers on it.
  2. cat320

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    Too high for any every day driver and work truck.
  3. John DiMartino

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    The truck is already to high from the factory,lifting it will reduce its value as a work truck,make it tougher to get into and change driveline angles,increasing wear on all u joints and pinion bearings.Put some nice BFG' all terrains on it,285/75/R16,the look great,stick like glue and hold 3300 lbs a peice.They are 33" high,thats the max i would go,but its your rig,it'll look good either way.
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    I am awaiting the arrival of my 295/75/r16 tires, this will raise my truck 1.5" and help fill in the wheel wells. I am considering lifting mine 3" once this is done but I'm going to see how the new tires look first.

    As for your MPG, the 12 mpg you post, is that figured at the pump or on the computer? It should get a little better with time. Your driving habit will effect this also, I drive and I get 16.5 empty, my wife drives and it get 12 empty. She drives a Honda mostly and is heavy on the pedal, I grimice every time I get in and she has driven because of the fuel consumption.


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    i have to decided to lift 4" and put 35" tall bf goodrich m/t's on eagle 589's, i still want the 8" of lift but i'll just have to get over it,after lifting i think i'm going to add a hypertech chip-or maybe a banks turbo kit-not quite sure yet,i'll post pictures later.
  6. KirbysLawn

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    You will love the chip, I know I do! :D
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    lifting the truck no more than 4" voids no warranty's-straight from ford- superlift is a member of the sema organization that the manufactures stand behind.the only place of a dispute could arrive in the u joints, however going 6 to 8 inches could cause a couple of more disputes in claims. i would not do this to a $40,0000.00 truck without checking with the manufacturer first.
  9. Evan528

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    what exactly is this engine chip everyone is raving about?
  10. plowking35

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    Its what a ford needs just to stay with in rear tail light site of the new GM diesels. I drove one today, and man this truck flys, and with a real tranny to back it up. You guys can only hope that the new 6.0 PS is this good. If the GM engine is as reliable as they say it is, look out, a new king of the hill is here.

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