To lock or not to lock ... what was the question?


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A few years back, we had our tanaka edger stolen from the bed of the pickup(in a decent area of town) ... being the naive souls we were, we thought that it would be ok to just leave it there .. Since then, a few things have changed. EVERY piece of equipment is locked down and must be manually unlocked each and everytime we want to use it (with the exception of the Dixie Choppers and Bunton walk behind). It has recently become apparent to me that ALOT of people are just leaving their equipment out (next to their trailer, unlocked in their trailer, up on a lawn, etc..). I'm curious (if you do this) .. do you not worry about the fact that people want to turn your career tools into quick cash? You turn your back for a just a moment and ---BAAMMM--- .. 450 bux down the toilet. Is it that you just never thought about this? Or, do you feel secure enough in the area that you just don't care? Thanks.

I lock down my equipment or at least keep it out of sight.

It is not just the area or the people, it is the delivery drivers who will take stuff and you may never even have noticed them come in and leave.

I'm not talking about the USPS or UPS, it's the no name no brand vans and trucks, rentals and leases.

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i have a trimmer trap and a backpack rack that allows me to lock up the equipment. i dont usually lock it but i keep worrying when im in the backyard of a house that someone could just wheel up along side the truck and take something. i may start locking it after hearing this. i recommend trimmer traps for equipment.


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Have been in this business for over 10 years and only know of one instance of theft in this town. And that was a backpack blower that was left sitting in the parking lot of the local mower shop. (he might as well of put a "steal me" sign on it) What's worse is that most of my competitors not only leave there equipment unlocked, but also leave the keys in there unlocked truck! I guess I just live and work in an honest area.


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I know a few guys that have had blowers and trimmers stolen, and in one occurance a guy went into a burger place just long enough to get his lunch (maybe 5 minutes) and when he came out his blower, trimmer and 21" mower were gone. That's a quick two grand out the window. I have the jungle jim gear caddy and keep everything locked up most of the time depending on the neighborhood and how long I'll be out of sight of my trailer. I'll never leave it in a parking lot of a store or resteraunt out of sight, because it's too easy for someone to pull up next to it and very casually act like it is their stuff and never look suspicious while unloading it. In my opinion it's not worth taking a chance.(Did't mean to make such a long post)



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It only takes a second for you to use the locks, about the same amount of time it takes a thief to take it.

True story:
A guy in memphis had been taking trimmers to a pawn shop for the cash. He had taken over 80 in 6 months to the same pawn shop (nobody seem to think this strange). Finally somebody got wise somewhere and busted this dumba$$. Makes you hope to run into this fool trying to get one, needs a good old fashion a$$ woopin'.


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I lock my rack every time I leave sight of it. It really isn't any trouble to lock and unlock because it's become a habit. My 21" Lawn Boy is also padlocked on my trailer. When I leave the truck parked somewhere (lunch, shopping, etc., I always lock the gate on the trailer too. I do this no matter what part of town I'm in.

I've had my rack completely emptied while sitting in my driveway one night, but that was due to a cheap and easy $10 lock. I now use $20 hardened alloy, Master locks on everything.

It's not only the loss of the price of the equipment, but the emotional stress and inconvenience of having to go replace something.


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When I cut my large community open areas I lock everything. When I cut Mrs.Customer's lawn and the trailer is in sight, I don't lock every thing up.


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That makes sense, but I can easily see 2 guys driving up while yer in the backyard, one getting out and grabbing something, and then driving away in the blink of an eye. Seems like a silly risk, if you ask me. Thanks for yer reply.