to lube or not to lube? (ball joints)


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I have a new Ferris is3200 and it has quite a few ball joints in the suspension.
Do you spray some lube on them periodically or leave them be?
I couldn't find anything one way or the other in the ferris manual.

WIll they wear out faster left dry so most of the dirt falls away or are they better off lubed despite the fact that dirt will stick to them more?

maybe a squirt of a dry lube occasionally?

just lookin for opinions on it.

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Those are heim joints and they are designed to be run dry. Short term spraying them with oil helps in operation but they will attract dirt and fail prematurely. I have the same thing on the aftermarket suspension on my ATV. Fifteen years on them without wearing anything out They take a lot of abuse on that wheeler.
I was just going to say the same thing.
Did not know the name of them though.
Now I do !


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Heim joints or spherical rod ends. Heim is a brand, I know...I know...
Anyhow, some of the better ones have brass linings in them, some have a teflon composite lining. Cheap one ain't got no lining.