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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Jun 25, 2001.

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    ok. here is just something to think about for us with too many people. a company by me, i know one of the owners. they are descent size. several trucks, several employees, etc. well they have been workin on a project out in CT. a few days ago there was an accident. this company, had an ext. cab pickup truck with 9 people in it. that truck hit a dump truck. one employee of the landscaper was killed, and 4 were taken to the hospital for injuries. the driver is being charged with vehicular manslaughter. they are araigning him to CT one day soon i guess. he could face up to 10 years in prison. now think about what all of these people are gonna do to the company? the lawsuites? the position the insurance companies will take? just think about what that can do to a company / family?
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    Maybe he should'da put em' in the trailor! BRICKMAN's does.

    Just kidding....thats sad to read. Thats why it's soooooo important to be over-covered as far as insurance. Newbies behold....this stuff DOES happen! Cover your a** and get your insurance!
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    I have seen some of the larger crews in our areas do everything from transport employees in the back of stake beds, to employees riding on the back of trailers up the street to the next lawn.

    Certainly makes you wonder where peoples minds are at times. I think that if a Company acts irresponsibly they deserve whatever they have opened themselves up for. The tragedy is that it usually takes the loss of a life to get them repremanded.:(

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    yeah, i saw what brickman carries guys in. i wonder what is legal in those things? capacity wise. and as for the distance they had to travel to get home, we are probably talking somewhere between 30 and 50 miles. im not sure exactly, probably closer to 35, 40. however it takes about 1 hr to cover that ground. approximatley. and depending on traffic.
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    I am a State Trooper by night and a yard man by day. The law is different in each state but in Texas there is no law on how many people can ride. As long as they dont interfere with the operator of the vehicle. And it gets complicated but all seatbelts must be used in the front seat. If 4 are in the front seat and only 3 belts, only 3 have to be buckeled up. Riding in the back of the pickup is ok as long as you are at least 12(if you are under 12 the vehicle cant go over 35mph) Hope this helps from the legal standpoint.
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    In Maryland everybody in the cab of the truck must be wearing seatbelts. Over 16 is allowed to ride in the back and no one is allowed to ride in trailers.
  7. PrimeGreen Lawn

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    I was also a State Trooper :blob3: .
    Quit when I was making more money on the weekends cutting than an entire week onthe street!

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    That is sad to hear about anyone losing a life.
    In New Mexico, everyone has to be seatbelted in unless you are in a 1 ton pickup. The lawmakers did not include these vehicles into the seatbelt laws. So, as long as you have a 1 ton truck, no one has to wear seatbelts.
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    that could have been the same way they got in this country, buy the truck load.thats sad to loose a life but that company gets what they deserve.9 people in a truck what a joke.
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    This law is along the same lines of ludicrouscy as Taxi Cabs in NYS. Passengers are exempt from the seat belt laws. I was thinking that with the passenger protection OBVIOUSLY coming from the paint job, that I would paint all our vehicles "Taxi Yellow" and change our name to Sunshine Landscape -LOL!!:p

    Where people come up with their thought processes during the lawmaking process sometimes is beyond me.:rolleyes:


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