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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by Green Side Up!, Aug 2, 2010.

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    I have a feeling of how this is going to go but will ask any way! I was contacted by a guy the other day about subcontracting work for his company. He has a contract with several mortgage companies in my region to mow forclosed homes. These are potentially one time mows, with no edging or clean-up. We would show up for a predetermined cost and simply knock down the turf areas and take-off. The cost is not an issue as they are good pay for me comsidering the current market here. They can be a simple cut of a couple inches or could be waste deep. I have seen issues mentioned in other threads about these conditions and want to make sure I get as much info before I decide to do this or not. My market is very slow now to the point of considering relocation for work and this could be a boost to my bottom line as they said they get 200-300 houses per month. I would not get all but all in a predetermined area. So, What do you think?
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    sounds good, but remember you are doing work on a house that no one really owns, such that if you get stiffed on payment, you'll in all likely hood never be able to get your money... Payment might be slow in coming, also keep in mind, that the house has not been care for in a long time, chances of doing damage to your mower are much much higher... as are chances to damaging the home (broken window as a resultof old kids toy, bottle, beer can, ect...)
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    snakes.. but I would do it, and invest in a brush cutter.
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    Over here the city can get anywhere from $300- 600 dollars to cut a yard like that..........

    Its good money but its really too much wear on your mowers
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    if this is what you need to do.... But I would be surprised if you get paid sooner than 60/90 days these are not cash flow jobs

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