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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SangerLawn, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. SangerLawn

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    Just a thought for all the people trying to figure out how to design a flyer.

    The objective of flyers is to get your name out there. The more information you put on your flyer the more likely it is to end up in the trash. The most effective flyers we ever used just had our name, phone number, where we are located, and that we are insured…all printed on a half sheet of paper. The years we tried all fancy flyers with pictures and a list of everything we do and all that stuff we didn’t get hardly any kind of responses.

    People that have been doing this for awhile……do you agree?
  2. clean_cut

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    I think you still need to make it look professional and eye-catching, but don't load it up with paragraphs or information or any LONG list of services. What do all the others that have a lot of experience with this think?
  3. JohnnyCuts

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    IMO it's much more about the timing as long as you get your point across
  4. JFGauvreau

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    IMO is it how you distribute your flyers...

    You can have a flyer with lots of info, but if you just put it at the doorway, they won't take their time to read the crap in the flyer or understand any of your services.

    If you present your self ( door to door ) with the flyer, and even if they don't want your service that day, at least they will have the flyer and remember that you were there that day to explain to them your services and stuff.
  5. posterlion

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    I suspect SangerLawn is correct. My fliers are 25 words printed with black ink on white stock and I get a 6.5% hit rate on "em. I print them myself and they cost about 2 cents a piece.
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  6. JohnnyCuts

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    from iowa
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    Thats a great return. How many did you pass out?
  7. Sean Adams

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    Flyers are usually a volume game. The more you pass out the better the response. I have seen some very poorly constructed flyers that pulled a decent return and I have seen some very attractive flyers never generate a single call. In the end, I agree with the premise that the less on the flyer, the better. People do not want or need a grocery list of every little thing you do or offer. In fact, the most effective business cards usually only have a name and phone number. If you want to pique someone's interest, less can be more.

    I also know from a lot of experience that passing out flyers has to make sense - if it is something you can do quickly, in the right area to the right demographic you are after, it makes sense. But when I see people pass out poor-looking flyers in neighborhoods where the homes are $500,000 and up, I scratch my head and wonder why they even wasted their time or money doing so.

    The last thing about flyers is easier said than done..... most people pass them out in early spring. Problem is, so is your competition. Wanna see a crazy response? Pass out flyers in the early summer. See how many customers you get who are unhappy with their current service provider. Pass them out in the fall promoting aeration and seeding services and watch your phone ring off the hook.

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