to mulch or not to mulch

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnjockey56, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. lawnjockey56

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    scag 48 inch with side discharge-i hear so many recommend one way or the other to put the mulch plat over and another half say to discharge the grass-id like to hear from guys who have the same mower i have if possible-the scag tiger cub 48 inch with kawi 19-i cut alot of wet grass in florida-thanks!
  2. LLandscaping

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    I have a Scag Tiger Cub 48 with a 19 Kawasaki. We side discharge most of the time and use the mulch plate and gator blades for leaves. I have found cutting grass (weekly) with the mulch plate there is accumulation of clippings on the discharge side. Cutting wet grass or with heavy dew the deck loads up with clipping and leaves clumps. Do you have the advantage deck or the velocity?
  3. DiMassa33

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    I have a scag 52 and i usually attach the grass gobbler, but if the lawns not to bad i will just use the side discharge. This seems to work fine I guess
  4. ed2hess

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    Same answer as the other thread....put the plate over the outlet and mulch everything.

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