To oil or not to oil, that is the ?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by GarPA, Nov 3, 2003.

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    Somewhere I read or heard recently there's been some change in thinking regrading oiling the foam filter on the air filter. I wish I could remember where I heard this. Is this true now? ANy idea why Kaw would recommend not doing this?

    hp52 23Kaw....thanks
  2. dobehap

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    Only thing I can think of is - oil restricts the air flow to the engine.
  3. eXmark

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    Just a little caution. The change in philosophy is on certain engines by one manufacturer.

    You'll want to read your manuals closely but the latest information give to us by Kawasaki is that the foam pre-cleaners on all of the vertical shaft twin cylinders should not be oiled.

    The singles cylinders engines still require oil on the pre-cleaners from what we've been told.



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